How to get Legal to say yes to your content quicker

How to get Legal to say yes to your content quicker

Working for larger organisations poses a challenge in getting content churned out at the speed of digital. A three-month approval process is unfortunately still normal in a lot of companies which continue to operate as paper-first organisations. 

While transforming the speed and quality of the legal and compliance review process is not going to happen overnight, there are a couple of things you can do.


1. Simplifying the fine print is the first step to take. Then you need to make sure that legal jargon doesn’t creep in to your marketing copy. Try to find a turn of phrase that means the same thing, and doesn’t allow for misinterpretation. 

2. In order to comply with regulations most companies have developed legally approved ways to talk about their product or service. Make use of this to avoid issues arising. 

3. Legal teams are often overstrung, so it’s important to set expectations for when your content needs to go live. Agree on a turnaround time to make sure it’s approved on time.

4. Make friends with the legal team! Instead of submitting your request and waiting without knowing if and when your idea will pass inspection, , make the a part of what you’re doing. Make it your job to help them find ways to say yes to what you’re trying to do. If you want to find out how to make friends with legal to get content out faster, click on the link below.  

The goal isn’t to get legal to say yes to everything; it’s to get them to stop saying no immediately.