How an engineer grew to love inbound marketing

How an engineer grew to love inbound marketing

A great blog from Eric Miller an engineer who originally sceptical about inbound marketing, has grown to understand it and appreciate it. He used his naturally inquisitive nature to delve into the nuts and bolts and possibilities of using it for his organisation. And understanding that like many companies, a lot of the basics were already being undertaken where he worked, he took it on board and made it work.

Inbound Marketing is more measurable, more precise and  works with a pre-defined expectation of results. And my experience is that in a technical environment, be it engineering, tech, or other manufacturing, once understood, there’s a real buy-in and it works. 


Do read Eric’s blog in full, it’s informative and offers good insight for fellow engineers.

As an engineer there is a lot to not like about marketing. It is imprecise and more about impressions than facts.

For most of its history, marketing was about advertising and brand building – getting your product or message in front of your customers. That works, but not super well in our industry or in the age of the internet. So the industry came up with this new thing – inbound marketing. As an engineer, it just sounded like a new buzz word. But we decided to try it anyhow.

Inbound marketing is where you bring customers to your company rather than putting out information to create an impression. Instead of saying “I’m great, buy me,” With the inbound approach you say “here is some great information related to our product, would you like to do business with us?”