Getting To Grips With Content Marketing

Getting To Grips With Content Marketing

Content generation is the basis of all marketing campaigns whether it be for print advertising, website optimisation, blogs or white papers. It is a technique of producing valuable, informative content that has the benefit of attracting and engaging with a defined target audience and therefore increasing profitable customer interaction. 

Why You Need Content Generation

Good content helps to position you as an expert in your field. It generates stories, articles and knowledge pieces that help to build a strong reputation, putting you at the forefront of both existing and potential customers’ minds.

Types of Content Marketing

Content marketing can be broadcast through various media, here are some methods that we recommend:

Content is the backbone of your website, it describes who you are and encourages customers to interact with your business. It is essential that your website speaks directly to your chosen audience and is a balance of engaging and informative content.

Blogs are great tools for improving SEO and expert status, as long as the content is correct for the purpose. Blogs should be used to inform your audience of news, events and industry updates, and as a forum to respond with opinion pieces.

News articles impress your audience with up-to-date industry knowledge through news stories.

“Evergreen” articles are the types of articles that don’t get old quickly e.g. how to guides or ‘tips on…’

White papers are informative tools for educating an audience about specific subjects. They also work as a data capture tool, as user information can be requested to access and download the document.

eShots / Newsletters keep your customers informed of your latest news and updates.

Print advertising / Editorial content is a vital element to getting your brand message across to your audience through printed media.

Social media can keep users updated on a regular basis; please see our social media information pack for more details on how it can help build your brand.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Content marketing can have a huge impact to your brand  and improve your website SEO. Therefore it is uncomplicated to increase traffic to the website through specific keywords and links that appear in your content. Your engaging articles allow you to be seen by other professionals and customers in the industry and gain credible, expert status.