Gary Vaynerchuk’s Top 6 Tips on Digital Marketing Services

Gary Vaynerchuk's Top 6 Tips on Digital Marketing Services

For a while now I’ve been watching a wild, entrepreneurial New York native online called Gary Vaynerchuk who talks a lot of sense about digital marketing services.

To say I was a bit overwhelmed when I first clicked on one of his videos would be an understatement.

“Gary V” is a very successful entrepreneur who owns one of the largest marketing agencies in America.

He’s taught his followers – including myself – a lot about an array of different strategies and tactics which can be used but also business skills in general.

Cut through the American style and constant mentions of how he’s “Gonna buy the New York Jets” and there’s a serious amount of quality information to be taken from him about how to use digital marketing services to grow your business.

For today, however, we are going to tell you his top 8 tips on Digital Marketing Services.

1. Use Social Ads 


If you’ve ever watched one of Gary’s videos you’ll know that he mentions social media a lot.

And when I say a lot I mean. A. Lot.

But he has every right to. The power of Facebook and Instagram ads is incredible for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

The amount of data social platforms keep on their users is both scary and exciting: scary if you’re a user, but exciting for potential advertisers like yourself.

That’s because all of that data they keep, you can advertise against, making your ad campaigns laser targeted and seen only by people you know will be a fit for what you do.

According to a study by the London School of Economics, 39% of the world population uses at least one social media platform.

If you’re not using this to your advantage, you’re missing a trick.

Create your ad, select your audience type and then you decide how much cash you want to test the ads with.

As far as digital marketing services go, social ads are a great, cost-effective way to reach a serious number of people in a short space of time and proves that you don’t need to be a multi-million-pound company to target en masse.

2. Influencer Marketing


I think Gary V’s exact quote Gary used on this YouTube video was”

“Influencer Marketing – hammer the shit out of this!”

Understandably, most think of the likes of Kim Kardashian when the word influencer gets mentioned, but for SMEs here in the UK, micro-influencers are a far more realistic and powerful force than the big A List celebs could ever be.

Micro-influencers are the smaller social media presences who still have thousands of followers but tend relevant to your industry and at least have an audience which has a huge cross over with your own.

They can promote your services via their social media platforms which means your business has the potential to be seen by all the followers of the influencer.

Here is the example that Gary V used in his podcast:

A lady who is in the wine business had recently released her new bottle of red which she had called “Red Head”. Gary suggested to the woman that influencer marketing is the best way to endorse this product.

I think his exact words were, “If you don’t contact every famous redhead on Instagram I will never talk to you again!” (Imagine that sentence in a thick New York accent).

Think about the types of people that would be either logical or comical endorsers of your product or service and then look to reach out and strike up a deal.

3. Maximise each digital marketing tactic
before moving onto the next

This point from Gary V is a crucial one.

We speak to a lot of businesses who have tried a bit of this, then tried a bit of that, but never fully utilised any tactic to its potential.

Tactics in silo can work to an extent, but the best way to go about your marketing is to create an overall strategy that effectively works in stages.

Implement the first stage, tweak and test, then implement stage two.

But what most businesses do is just have a go at a few tactics here and there, never truly putting together a strategy, maximising each stage of it and then moving forward to the next.

Facebook ads are a great example of this as many businesses will run one ad, get no results and think they are ineffective.

You need to run multiple ads, as Gary has previously said:  “Dip your toe into the Facebook ads world”. Try targeting different audience types, different interests and age groups.

The only way is to master each tactic and then move forward.

4. Live as if you’re in 2030

This concept is all about forward-thinking. Never think about the here and now, think about how every decision you make can impact positively on your business in the next coming years.

This is how you can always ensure that you stay one ahead of your competitors. If you plan and adapt your marketing model and strategies for the future, thinking about the challenges that are coming up, you will be in a much better and healthier position than your competitors, most of whom will be worrying about what’s happening now.

“I spend very little time looking backwards” – Gary Vaynerchuck on CNBC

In digital marketing, everything is changing rapidly so it’s this philosophy which should guide you when planning which marketing tactics and services to implement at your business, thinking about the long-term in doing so.

5. Never underestimate 

Gary V is a firm believer that underestimating anything in business can be hugely detrimental to progress and even survival.

As soon as you start to underestimate your competitors you’ve already lost. Your competition can act as a huge motivator, you want to better them in every way possible and either stay as the industry leader or work your way up to that top spot.

So underestimating any of your competition could be criminal.

One day, your competitors can be completely inactive marketing-wise, then all of a sudden, could rebrand, release a new website and launch an aggressive lead generation strategy and new service offering.

If you’re not on your toes, they could take a serious amount of market share from you in a short space of time.

Never rest on your laurels, always be one move ahead and most importantly “Prepare for the unexpected.”

Another thing you should never underestimate is your own ability; it’s what got you to the point in life you’re at now. All the things you’ve learned, the sacrifices and the tuition is what makes you the person you are today.

So if and when challenges crop up and the things that used to work don’t any more, feel confident in the knowledge that you can find a new, better way.

The final thing Gary V says you should never underestimate is your team.

If you don’t feel confident in your team you need to ask why? What are the weaknesses and where do the skills lack? Then look to hire or train accordingly.

This is the best way to build confidence in your team and feel as though your business is moving in the right direction.

An article called “How Do Employees Truly Feel About Their Bosses?” draws on a study that shows that 85% of staff do not feel motivated at work due to not being respected or valued by their superiors.

Gary Vaynerchuck has almost 800 employees at Vaynermedia and making every member of staff feel valued is a huge but very rewarding task.

If you constantly underestimate, no matter how well you implement a marketing strategy and services to grow your business, your progress will be limited significantly.

6. Consistent content

Without consistent, quality content to engage your audience, it’s unlikely that any other marketing services will be anywhere near as effective as they could be – something Gary Vaynerchuck is well aware of.

Without high quality content, people will become aware of your business for a brief moment and then forget about you again in a flash.

Content is key to keeping prospects engaged after the initial point of contact.

In addition, quality content works as that initial point of content, too, helping more people to find your business on Google.

Gary spoke about content consistency on “Being a content marketing animal”. This video really opened my eyes to just how important content is.

Look to work on a content plan that focuses on helping your target audience; what is it you do, which challenges do you solve, that they should be interested in? Talk about that consistently in your content and you’ll never fail to warm prospects up before they need what you sell.

IN Summary

Gary Vaynerchuck has impacted the way many marketers view business strategy.

While he may come across as a bit American in style for most of us here in the UK, the points he makes are incredibly valid.

Above all else, Gary V is a proponent of the idea that without a proper marketing strategy, your business can only grow so far, a notion we couldn’t agree with more.

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