Expert HubSpot Onboarding for the Masters of Connectivity – Pirum

Pirum are a global network delivering trusted solutions designed to connect international financial institutions. 

They offer easy-integration services, improving clients’ efficiency, reducing their operational risk and improving profitability by reducing manual processing. 

Sound familiar?

Pirum deliver all of the above for their clients; it was time that they did the same for their internal processes, too.

Enter: HubSpot.


The Challenge

When Pirum approached Catalyst, they relied on a wide range of third-party software to manage their sales and marketing efforts. 

Sales and marketing were tied up working with tools that worked fine in silo, but didn’t integrate with one another, leading to inefficiencies that the Pirum team recognised. 

Not only this, but it was essential that any new software could comprehensively integrate with their cloud-based enterprise software, Netsuite. This needed to be a two-way integration; data needed to pass from Netsuite to HubSpot and vice versa. This integration needed to be perfect. 

In order to get it right, the Pirum team brought in our team of HubSpot wizards to support.


“We knew that we needed to change, and we knew that HubSpot was the answer, but as a complex piece of software, we wanted a little guidance as we got started to ensure that everything was migrated properly and nothing important was missed.”

Anna Conti Manfrin, Head of Marketing at Pirum


The Solution

Pirum already knew that HubSpot onboarding was the solution, however, they sought support with initial setup, integration and more.

We conducted a thorough discovery meeting, in which we determined exactly what Pirum needed, what could easily be migrated, and what needed a little finessing to get perfect. 

It was determined that we needed a full migration over to HubSpot, including the CRM, CMS and Marketing Hubs. 

Following this, the HubSquad got to work:

  • The first step was to identify whether there was a negative integration for Netsuite (there was). As HubSpot and Netsuite speak in different languages, we then took the time to ensure that the two platforms were communicating in a way that worked for Pirum.
  • Before we continued, we delivered a technical migration of their current website (on Netsuite CMS) over to HubSpot’s CMS, optimising elements in their existing site which were poorly developed in the past. 
  • We set up HubSpot forms to help the team manage duplicate data and prevent spam emails. On request, we also adjusted the HubSpot forms to only allow business emails through (a welcome relief for the Pirum team!). 
  • To streamline their email process, Pirum wanted to use a shared email to send out all marketing comms. We set up HubSpot as their single platform to send any shared email requests, keeping everything in one place, and significantly cutting down on internal admin. 
  • Pirum pride themselves on running killer ad campaigns; HubSpot needed to support this. We connected existing campaigns to their socials through HubSpot, allowing them to create contacts from LinkedIn paid ad campaigns they were running. 
  • So that Pirum could benchmark social success, we took the time to backlog existing social posts into HubSpot, making sure that it was easy for them to track social data.

Once Sales and Marketing were aligned, and all internal processes were migrated to HubSpot, it was time for training!

Pirum identified key employees, those who would be using HubSpot on a day-to-day basis. We created a bespoke training programme designed to introduce them to HubSpot.

To prevent potential frustration or barriers to adoption, it was important that the team knew where to find the features they needed (and how HubSpot improves on them!). 

We delivered training that:

  • Covered social scheduling, data analysis and optimisation.
  • Brought the internal marketing team up to speed on creating, managing and analysing automated workflows.
  • Helped them create a customer journey from CMS features, ensuring appropriate marketing activities were conducted following on from previous interactions. 
  • Ran through all integrations, detailing where we map contacts/company information to respective fields in each platform.
  • Broke down how to manage all records (HubSpot CRM training), ensuring the internal teams could build fields that are reflective of the business.
  • Taught segmentation – managing how form fills can be segmented into separate sections, ensuring all coms and follow-ups are reflective of the form submission.
  • Demonstrated all the features of the HubSpot CMS – building landing pages, making edits to webpages and applying personalised modules to website pages. 

Following this comprehensive training schedule, the Pirum team were confident in their HubSpot abilities and were raring to go! 


The Results

In just over a month, Pirum’s tech stack was fully migrated to HubSpot, and the team was up to speed and able to handle anything.

  • Over 2,000 contacts successfully migrated
  • Data migrated from Netsuite to HubSpot. Data has been able to be cleansed and gaps filled with targeted data when needed
  • Onboarding and migration finished in 7 weeks
  • Trained the trainers, and now 262 members of the Pirum team are up to speed in HubSpot

As we approached the new HubSpot site go-live, everyone knew what needed to be done, and they were all ready for the transition – no hiccups, just pure efficiency!

Following go-live, the new HubSpot website delivered the following in first 3 months: 

  • Session duration average improved from 2 mins to over 3.58 mins
  • Average page views increased from 3 to 3.6 
  • 37% increase in form submissions 


The Impact

“The migration process has been smooth. Morgan has been on hand to deal with any issues we’ve had immediately. While HubSpot seemed a little overwhelming at the start, the onboarding from the Catalyst team has made our daily use of HubSpot much, much easier! It’s nice to finally have everything in one place.”

Anna Conti Manfrin, Head of Marketing at Pirum


While a relatively new project, it’s been a pleasure to see results already starting to manifest.

Processes are already a lot more efficient, the sales team can now focus on sales, and the marketing team have the platform they’ve always wanted to enable them to grow better. 


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