Driving Growth & Renovating Labelling Specialists’ Marketing Strategy

Driving Growth & Renovating Labelling Specialists’ Marketing Strategy

Premier Labels are label production specialists. Since 1987, they have been producing high-quality bespoke labels for international companies of all sizes. Their business has succeeded with little marketing due to their stellar reputation.

However, this wasn’t enough for Premier. In order to build on their previous successes, they wanted to update their branding, improve their website’s UX and generate more leads. That’s why they decided to partner with Catalyst. We handled a full brand redesign, providing a refreshed look that exemplified their expertise and reputation, helping them to achieve unprecedented growth in the space of a year.

“We had stopped proactively marketing ourselves outside of the occasional trade-show and found ourselves slowly sipping behind the competition from a marketing perspective. Though we had an experienced team, we didn’t really have any marketing specialists in-house, so we looked for a partner to help us.” – Premier Labels


The old designs for Premier's website

The old designs for Premier’s website

The challenge was multifaceted. Premier Labels had built themselves a solid reputation among their clientele. This resulted in a strategy that relied heavily on outbound sales and referrals, and a website that hadn’t been touched for years. Unfortunately, this meant that their website didn’t represent the quality of their work, nor did it cover much of the information about their services beyond labels and print. 

They were getting no inbound leads from their website; their digital footprint was virtually non-existent, and their internal marketing processes needed updating. Premier labels were looking to become competitive online, generate prospective clients and to lead their industry. They were impressed with Catalyst’s processes and experience, and decided that we were the perfect agency to manage their marketing efforts.


Refreshed Premier Labels branding designed by Catalyst

Refreshed Premier Labels branding designed by Catalyst

Our plan? A full marketing transformation. 

We performed a growth audit focused on persona research, their branding & proposition, the dated website and lead generation strategies. We found that there was a fair bit lacking, and set out to implement HubSpot’s inbound methodology. 

This led to us putting together a comprehensive proposal, leveraging HubSpot’s Marketing & Sales Hubs to:

  • Targeted LinkedIn campaigns – we looked to grow the team’s personal networks in the core industry sectors that Premier operate in, and used LinkedIn automation to help identify new opportunities/projects.
  • Improved website conversion – a new, easy to navigate UX developed in HubSpot’s CMS, coupled with a number of CTA conversion points (sample packs, contact forms etc.) helped to increase the overall number of enquiries.
  • Showing off knowledge – renovating proof points and content on the website was high up on the to-do list. We wanted to show off Premier’s expertise and improve overall SEO rankings. We used HubSpot’s SEO tools to monitor keyword performance, which provided crucial data that we would use to further encourage organic traffic. 
  • Effective PPC campaigns which drove relevant traffic to the website and resulted in a higher number of on-site conversions.
  • HubSpot email workflows prepared and sent out, both to existing customers to facilitate communications and drive upselling, and to new contacts, designed to improve engagement and nurture future sales. 
  • A focused social plan was put in place using HubSpot’s social functionality to schedule posts and listen to competitor interactions. This allowed Premier to grow a social following across all major channels, giving them a direct connection to their audience.
  • A hyper-targeted ABM campaign to a “wish list” based on the wine and spirits industry.

“Catalyst helped identify the key areas that needed improving, and the opportunities that could be leveraged as a result. A full re-brand, website overhaul and fresh new marketing approach ensured we would stand out in the market and begin to generate inbound leads” – Premier Labels

Results speak for themselves

Premier Labels website total sessions per month from September 2019 to June 2021 - New website launched 14th of November 2019

Premier Labels website total sessions per month from September 2019 to June 2021 – New website launched 14th of November 2019

By redeveloping Premier’s brand from the ground up, we were able to bring them into the 21st century, achieving some exciting figures in the process:

Premier Labels Results

Prior to engaging Catalyst, Premier Labels acknowledged the urgent need to update their marketing efforts. Premier’s new brand is aligned with their customers’ needs. The old, dated branding has had a fresh coat of paint, now representing their expertise and the quality of their work.

Mock-up of an ABM campaign

Mock-up of an ABM campaign

Once the branding was complete, we fully redesigned and retrofitted their website using HubSpot’s CMS, prioritising UX, SEO and a modern style. The new website clearly communicates their brand values, proposition and skillset, all while being optimised for converting leads. As we’d integrated HubSpot’s CRM, we could isolate exactly where leads were visiting, allowing us to improve strong areas of the website, while adjusting areas that were underperforming.

With the branding and website all in place, we launched a number of campaigns using HubSpot’s email workflows. We used segmented data to identify leads’ positions on the flywheel, allowing us to accurately target specific market pain points with messaging addressing how Premier Labels’ solutions can solve all of these issues.

This multi-angle approach helped us to fulfil our strategy and exceed all of the client’s expectations. In just one year, Premier’s growth has been exponential.


Updated Premier Labels homepage

Updated Premier Labels homepage

With their brand snowballing, we aren’t going to let that momentum go to waste. Even after recording record-high growth, we weren’t finished yet! With a new, constant flow of inbound leads, premier had to expand their business team in order to cope with the spike in enquiries.

“Now, we’re seeing tangible results driven from marketing. We know what our investment has achieved and it’s reflected in how busy we are. The level of expertise within Catalyst is what got us to this point. Sarah, Kyri and the team helped us turn our business around from the point of pure cold-sales to us now having to expand our team as we’re receiving that many enquiries. We’re delighted with the results and look forward to continuing our journey of growth with Catalyst.” – Premier Labels

Looking long-term, we want to maintain momentum. We are continuing website optimisation for both SEO and conversions, as well using HubSpot’s report functions to build out lead nurturing campaigns and further support the sales team.

  • We’re using HubSpot’s CRM to develop our hyper-targeted ABM campaign, focused on leads in the wine/spirits industry. Using personalised NFC labels that direct recipients to gated landing pages when scanned.
  • Premier are looking for our support when attending expos and events to manage everything from pre-event (stand/collateral & footfall campaigns) to post-event follow-ups and lead generation, to be powered through email automation. 
  • Improving brand perception through thought-leading PR pieces.
  • Ongoing social content to encourage engagement among their followers, all planned in HubSpot’s social media management software.