Content Marketing: B2B Marketeers say its time consuming, yet effective.

Content Marketing: B2B Marketeers say its time consuming

Done well and content marketing is massively, massively successful. Done with good intentions but not enough resource (time and money) and you’ll experience little, if any, positive return.

In summary you need to be pouring out quality, mapped content that resonates very, very precisely to your buyers persona. I.e. make sure you have content that addresses your prospects primary issues and then show them how you can make the problem go away. Then setup your workflows to nurture the conversation and your buyers awareness and education. Never sell only ever inform. Let your prospect choose to buy.


Social media and SEO are the most difficult digital marketing tactics to execute because they are time-intensive and require skilled resources that are not always available in-house. Email and websites are not only the most effective tactics used, according to the survey, they are also two of the least difficult to execute with 61 per cent of those surveyed favoring email marketing compared to 41 per cent who find social media easy and effective.

Finally, 62 per cent of the marketers surveyed said they combine in-house and outsourced strategies for social media.