Consultative Selling: 4 Tips for Sales Managers

Consultative Selling: 4 Tips for Sales Managers

Don’t sell. Inform, nurture and advise. Get 4 great sales tips here…

The State of Inbound 2015 report showed that 42% of those surveyed found prospecting to be the most difficult part of the sales process, it’s obvious that we need some help when it comes to making meaningful connections with prospects.

Traditionally, the process saw salespeople focus their efforts qualifying buyers based on the sizes of their budgets and their authority to spend it. And as for the prospecting itself, this would typically consist of cold emails and voicemails with no personalisation whatsoever.


So what’s the alternative?

For a consultative approach, you need to warm up your outreach efforts, significantly. Under the assumption you’ve identified your research-driven Buyer Profiles, your job is to use these as the basis for creating detailed Buyer Personas that help you foster meaningful connections. 

It’s all about personalisation.