Business Inspiration for Health Food Startups in Birmingham

Business Inspiration for Health Food Startups in Birmingham

Given our new obsession with all things ‘raw’ and healthy, the UK has seen an influx in new food and drink businesses, launching an array of new products for the health conscious consumer. From vegan alternatives to vegetable smoothies, these new businesses are feeding the demand for a nutritionally packed diet and all round healthy lifestyle.

So why is this industry hot stuff at the moment? Food festivals are in abundance and home delivery services such as Hello Fresh are paving the way for healthy convenience. The creativity and originality of these different concepts are making the industry highly sought after, and are essentially driving more demand through quirky and clever branding. 

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Using convincing language such as ‘low calorie snacking’ and devising a strong ethical stance aligned with consumer shifts are ways that these new foodie startups are building trust and reputation. It also reassures their customers that the brand/product is high-end and worth the extra money, because they haven’t just had a sandwich, for example; they’ve had organic brown granary loaf bread with avocado butter and sustainably sourced salmon.

Be Inspired
To give you an idea as to what can be achieved by starting a business in this industry, here’s a few healthy food companies that have recently launched and are already seeing traction in their business infancy.

cuckoo.png Cuckoo Bircher Muesli
School friends, Amy and Lucy, developed Cuckoo to provide busy moms with a healthy and nutritious breakfast for times when there just isn’t any time. Leaning on R&D to meet supplier-consumer demand, the duo entrepreneurs developed a range of different flavours. This brand is definitely seeing traction across just a 2 year period – revenue is expected to grow by 800%. Image source:

emily_fruit_crisps.png Emily Fruit Crisps
Using loud and proud, exotic design for their branding, Emily Fruit Crisps are exactly what they say they are. Gluten free and suitable for vegans, their au-natural approach to what goes into their product (just pure fruit with a tiny bit of oil, nothing else) has seen them bag some big deals with leading retailers Holland & Barrett and Topshop. Image source:

Mello Drinks
Joining the ‘raw’ food and drinks ranks, Mello Drinks are competing with some big competition: coconut water. But their raw, cold pressed melon-based drinks are getting the juices flowing, having gained national press coverage in The Telegraph and The Independent. Completely new to the health and nutrition industry, the Mello Drinks founders have developed a brand that has already captured the eyes of some big retail names; Waitrose, John Lewis and Harvey Nicholls – just to name a few.
Image source:


Oppo Ice Cream
This isn’t fro-yo (frozen yoghurt: the go-to healthier alternative to ice cream). Nope. Oppo is actual ice cream. So how have they transformed a favourite dairy dessert into a sin-free indulgence? It’s sugar free and uses superfoods such as baobab. But despite being told healthy ice cream isn’t possible, the founding brothers have made £300,000 in a crowdfunding effort and has won several awards including the Guardian Startup of the Year. Image source:  

Birmingham produces the second largest amount of startups in the UK outside of London, and we’re only expected to see more emerge. If you’re venturing into the health and nutrition industry, check out our Launch Pad service, a platform developed especially for startups. Because 71% of startups don’t have a documented digital strategy, we do your branding, marketing, website and marketing strategy; you get to focus on the nitty gritty. Let’s get your new business off the ground. 


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