B2B Marketing Automation: It’s Not Just for The Big Guys

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Thanks to Daniel Tolliday and business.com for posting this article. 

There is a common preconception that marketing automation costs a lot of money and really only the big boys can play. In practical terms this is simply not the case and there are many ways to start your journey in Inbound Marketing with a modest budget.

There is a rule of thumb in this game that the more you invest, you more you recoup. However by choosing the right system and carefully targeted, and precise content, you can with a surprisingly small budget get the results you need.

As ever it’s choosing the right tools and the right team that wins the day.


Read the article through and if you need to know more, give me a shout.

Marketing automation helps your organization increase operational efficiency to grow revenue and reach strategic business goals faster.

According to the 2016 Green Hat/ADMA B2B Marketing Outlook Report, 43 percent of participants were satisfied or very satisfied with the ROI generated from marketing automation, signifying its long-term role in the B2B marketer’s arsenal. 

This article will shed some light on some of the more technical aspects of B2B marketing automation.

But more importantly, it will show you how marketing automation can help your organisation reach business outcomes, regardless of its size.