Account Based Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide [SlideShare]

Account Based Marketing: A Beginner's Guide [SlideShare]

In today’s digital age, there’s various ways to reach your target audience, but cutting through the online din requires innovation and a more tactical approach. No longer can you shout from the rooftops about your product or service and hope a passerby will stop, listen and purchase. Consumer behaviour has changed in that they obtain more power and influence over how marketers can speak to them; online media is saturated, technological advancements endlessly evolve, information needs to be immediately accessible. So it’s time to change tact.

More strategic and subtle techniques such as account based marketing are enabling companies to make a bolder impact and form stronger relationships. How? It focuses on the individual, not an entire industry. If you value real customer acquisition over the volume of traffic coming to your website, then read our SlideShare about the benefits of account based marketing and how to make it happen.

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