77% Of Britons Read Customer Reviews Before Making A Purchase

77% Of Britons Read Customer Reviews Before Making A Purchase

An overwhelming majority of Britons (77%) read customer reviews before making a decision to buy online, a survey carried out by online review platform Trustpilot has revealed.

The survey based on Customer reviews carried out by Trustpilot, polled 2,000 customers in the United Kingdom.


They found that 60% of shoppers have written a review over the past 12 months, which is proof that customer reviews are a crucial factor that drives conversion rates, econsultancy notes.

Furthermore, Econsultancy pulled out some valuable data from various sources which reveal the impact that reviews have on conversions. A report from Reevoo from 2012 showed that a staggering 88% of users “sometimes or always” read a review before making a purchase, while 60% of them are much more likely to buy from a website that contains reviews. Reevoo’s data was based on a survey among 1,000 Britons.


Sales advice lowest influence.

52% of people said they are often influenced by recommendations by friends and family, 48% said that consumer reviews were influential, 24% cited advertising as a factor, and 22% said they took advice from salespersons.


Trustworthy sources

Econsultancy highlights statistics from Nielsen, which revealed that 92% of consumers find their friends’ recommendations the most trustful among all other forms of advertising. 72% of consumers, however, rely on online reviews as much as on recommendations from friends and family, according to a survey from Search Engine Land.


According to a survey from nToklo, retailers in Britain that do not provide a customer reviews section might be missing out on as much as £9 billion in additional revenue.

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