Top 7 HubSpot Convenience Features to Boost Efficiency

HubSpot can do a lot of things. Even as a HubSpot Partner Agency, we’re still learning new ways to optimise processes and get more value out of HubSpot.

One of the biggest benefits of having your HubStack sorted is how it makes your life so much more convenient! There are several ease of use features that make your life at work just that little bit easier.

In this blog, we’ll run through some of the most valuable HubSpot features – the ones that exemplify how convenient HubSpot can be when used properly. 


1. Meeting links – your sales team’s new best friend

You can create a direct link to your sales calendars. You can see how it looks by clicking the link below:

Book a meeting

^ The above cuts out the need for a lengthy conversion process, and can largely remove the need for specific landing pages where appropriate. 

You can create a page like this for every member of your sales team, meaning they can link prospects directly to their calendar, where they can then book a meeting at a time where both parties are free. 

We’ve seen success using these links:

  • In sales outreach emails (e.g. ‘Book a meeting directly in my diary by clicking the link’)
  • Replacing calls-to-action in your content (using it instead of a contact page)
  • On social media channels

Of course, sometimes you don’t want to encourage simply anyone to book a meeting, so make sure you use these on relevant comms. 


  • Removes the need for salespeople to manually book meetings in
  • Is incredibly convenient for the prospect
  • Usually leads to an uptick in meetings booked (this is because you’re catching the prospect in the right moment, and removing all booking friction)

Trust us – your salespeople will love this feature!


2. Automatically associating contacts to their company

Gone are the days of manually sorting contacts to companies. Mindless data cleansing is (almost) a thing of the past, as HubSpot can automatically associate prospects and contacts with their company using their email domain. 

All you need to do is tick a box, that’s it, done. 

We’ve seen it before – you might have thousands of contacts from thousands of different companies. Within each company, you may have multiple members of a team, all of whom you want to associate with the correct company. 

Historically, you’d have to track this manually in your CRM, but now HubSpot can do all the associating for you. Nice and convenient! This:

  • Saves your sales/marketing team loads of time
  • Ensures every prospect has an associated company
  • Automatically sorts people to ensure nobody slips through the cracks


3. Specifying your forms to ensure nothing is missed

Have you ever had a lead come through, only to find that you’ve not got enough data to properly proceed? 

HubSpot makes this pain a thing of the past. When you create a new contact, company or deal, you can customise the form to show all required information.

This prevents the user from adding records with no context. You can also add an association field, allowing you to select a relevant object to associate with the new record, keeping everything nice and organised. This means that:

✔ Your data is set up from the start

✔ All team members can access the info they need, when they need it


4. Email templates

Tired of typing out the same email hundreds of times, or copy and pasting it from a previously sent email?

HubSpot allows you to cut out this faff, conveniently allowing you to write an email once, save it as a template and load it up whenever you need it. 

Don’t worry, you can still use personalisation tokens to help keep the emails feeling unique, templates just cut out the monotonous rewriting process and allows you to focus your energy on more important tasks. 

Efficiency is the name of the game, templates:

  • Allow your sales team to send out more comms in a shorter time
  • Support your marketing staff in creating regular email workflows
  • Cut down the time it takes your support staff to respond to emails
  • Help keep your messaging consistent across teams


5. Activity logs

Have you ever forgotten to log call notes, or create a follow up in your CRM?

HubSpot helps you keep track of every interaction you have with a prospect. The HubSpot CRM allows you to call or email directly from the platform, which automatically attaches to the prospect’s record.

This means that all emails are automatically tracked, and phone call notes can be attributed to the right prospect at the right time. Activity logs:

  • Ensures nothing is missed
  • Attach notes directly to the prospect
  • Saves time, as you no longer have to manually add notes to a prospect


6. Adding documents to HubSpot

There’s no worse feeling than going to attach a document and having no idea where it’s saved.

You’re sure you saved it somewhere around here.

Fortunately, HubSpot does away with this faff. You can add important documents directly to HubSpot, and can attach them to emails with a click of a button. 

  • No more lost documents
  • Save time when attaching files
  • Always find the documents you need
  • Share documents across teams


7. The HubSpot app 

Everyone seems to forget about the HubSpot app!

It’s one of our favourite parts of HubSpot, as it allows you to manage your day-to-day even while on the move. 

  • Log calls while you’re out
  • Scan business cards and add them to your CRM
  • Handle direct mail
  • Access templates 

It’s a great way to:

  • Improve team cohesion
  • Ensure your on-the-road teams can seamlessly transition from desk work to being away from their keyboards


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