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Intuitive e-commerce



Convenient & powerful

Perfect for Beginners

Shopify is the easy solution to question philosophers have been asking for millennia: 'how can I build and maintain an e-commerce platform without all the hassle?'

Socrates, eat your heart out. Shopify is designed to be user friendly, and comes equipped with a bunch of themes and other nifty features to get the ball rolling.


Comprehensive E-Commerce Platform

Shopify is a fully customisable solution that’s designed to build the perfect e-commerce experience from the ground up. Whether you’re launching a new store or looking at renovations, Shopify is a great platform that allows us the freedom to nail your online shop.

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Integrated Payments

Shopify offers a wide variety of integrations, compatible with over 100 payment providers around the world, meaning that no matter where your customers are, they should be able to pay how they want.

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Checkout That Works Hard

Shopify's smart checkouts will actively manages your inventory, informing a customer when something sells out, or holding an item if their payment method fails. You can fully customise your checkout to ensure that it reflects your brand and delivers the best experience possible. 

Cat web graphics – shopify - Checkout that works hard

Unique Development Tools

Designed to accelerate your development process, Shopify includes a range of software tools, sample apps and various libraries for customising your themes faster.

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Third Party Customisation

Seamlessly integrate third party apps into your website to manage all sorts of handy functions, from email campaign automation to analytics features. 

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Your ultimate e-commerce platform

Lacking a little experience?

Shopify is designed to be as user friendly as possible. We'll help establish you on the platform, setting everything up and ensuring that you know what you're doing, but at the end of the day it's your website, and you should be able to make changes should you want to without us (we're not entirely sure why you'd want to do it without us, but the option's always there!). 

Shopify's the best pick if you've got no experience building websites, as even a relative beginner can get up to speed if necessary.

Taking a shortcut isn't lazy, it's smart

There's a bunch of different website themes that you can choose with Shopify, meaning that you can put together your website in record time. They're all responsive and designed with both desktop and mobile devices in mind, meaning that your e-commerce platform can be ready to rumble surprisingly quickly. 

Sell more products

Now we've got your attention. 

Shopify's smart checkouts are able to send out automated recovery emails to customers who might have gone elsewhere, or gotten distracted. It's never been easier to chase up potential purchases.


As Shopify is a hosted platform, you pay them a monthly fee that covers everything - hosting, security, extensions and your domain. This means you know your monthly outgoings right from the start.

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