How to Choose a Website Package That’s Right for Your SME

Bespoke or templated website

So, you’re looking to invest in a new website.

Thinking about using a cheap and cheerful website builder? Think again.

If you’re a growing SME, a cheap website will not be able to keep up with your ongoing needs. We’ve worked with multiple SMEs to correct/rebuild cheap websites.

Opting for the cheap option usually means that you will have to invest in a proper website package in a few years’ time – it’s the classic buy cheap, buy twice scenario.
The question you’re likely asking, then, is: what is the difference between cheap website packages and bespoke website packages? Here’s your answer:


Bespoke vs cheap website creation package

A cheap website creation package does work for some (very small) businesses, but it may not meet your needs if you’re looking to grow.



Basic website packages often include core features (simple forms and modules, aesthetic templates, etc.).

They are often not fully optimised for SEO (search engine optimisation), as good SEO benefits from a carefully constructed site that is easy for Google’s SEO bots to ‘crawl’.

Not only this, but it’s unlikely that a basic package will offer any advanced features that you may want (cost calculators, custom animations or unique sliders/modules).

In short – basic, cheap websites deliver basic, underwhelming results. This is why businesses who choose cheap often need to buy twice. It’s more economical to invest in a good website from the beginning.


Customer perception

The average user visits between 5-23 websites per day.

Without realising it, we subconsciously start to notice similarities between sites. A bespoke website is noticeably higher quality, even to the average user, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Remember: your website is your digital shopfront – it’s an always-on salesperson; you need visitors to immediately perceive that your site is of quality build. A cheap website is unlikely to give off this perception.


Homogenous design

Your business is unique, so why should your website be the same as others?

Having a basic website is like trying to play the piano with your hands tied behind your back. Is it possible that you’ll be able to play a nice song? Sure, but it’ll be significantly easier to play with your hands unbound!

Custom websites give you the freedom to perform in any way you see fit – they put your business head and shoulders above your competition. Your potential customers/clients will be shopping around your competition. If your website looks and performs better than others’, then you’re starting the race with a head start.


How does building a bespoke website package work?

While building a cheap website package will often provide you with the tools needed to throw a website together yourself, a bespoke package works a little differently.
Here’s our website building process:


Business/market research

Every target audience expects/wants to visit a different style of audience.

They have varying aesthetic and feature preferences – it’s important that you understand this and tailor your website to suit.

Our bespoke website creation package starts with research. We look at your existing website, your competitors’ websites and your target audience.

Following this, we’ll conduct specific SEO and messaging research, ensuring that your website content is ready to drive traffic and boost conversions. We’ll also consider:

  • What platform should your website be built in? (WordPress, HubSpot, Shopify or Magento)
  • Does the website require ecommerce functionality?
  • What is the function of the website? Is it a brochure site?
  • Does the website need to generate leads, is it sales collateral, or both?
  • This step is skipped if you choose the cheap option; you’ll be building a website blindly.



Website design should be as unique as your business and your personality.

Many businesses make the mistake of neglecting their website’s design, however it is the single most important aspect of any website.


Because visitors decide whether they want to stay on your website within seconds, with the average user leaving a website within 10-20 seconds.

If your design is poor, people will leave. This will cost you conversions and it will adversely affect your business’ growth. A bespoke website package will:

  • Build stunning, unique templates, customised to your needs
  • Tailor the design to the user journey, helping to boost conversions
  • Help you stand out from competitors
  • Be optimised for mobile first (Google wants all websites to be optimised for mobile over desktop)

A cheaper package will provide basic (non-customisable) templates and simple features.



Many cheap website options don’t include copy as part of the package, leaving you to write the copy yourself.

This can work, however, it is incredibly time consuming and often less effective than using a professional copywriter to produce high-quality, conversion-focused content.

Your website copy needs to:

  • Be fully SEO optimised (do you know what keywords you’re targeting?)
  • Have your business proposition woven throughout
  • Be designed to incentivise conversions
  • Be informative and entertaining

When you choose a bespoke package with Catalyst, our expert copywriters will work closely with you to capture your brand, translating it into copy that converts across your website. Sound good? Give us a shout today to discuss your website project:

Let’s plan your website project together



A well-developed website is the secret to success.

Clean code and careful planning will make a website easy to edit. Poor development often leads to bugs and user frustrations.

Our developers have a specific process designed to produce clear, functional code that is optimised for speed. Choose a bespoke website package and your website will load quickly and perform as expected. Opt for cheap and your website may not function especially well.



Most cheap website creation packages don’t include support.

This means that, once your website is built, you’re on your own. Are you comfortable amending design and (potentially) editing code behind the scenes?

With a bespoke package, this isn’t an issue. We offer a complete support package, including hosting, advice and amends to design and development.

The best part? You fully own your website and code. This means that, if you choose to work with a different website agency in the future, you can! All the websites we build are easy to edit, and we retain no rights or control over the website once the project is finished. It’s your website to do with as you please!

Many cheap website building services retain some control over your website, making it difficult to migrate your site to other platforms if you choose to do so.


Bespoke or cheap website creation package – what’s right for you?

Cheap website creation packages are great for small businesses who are just getting started. If this sounds like you, a cheap, template-based website will give you the digital presence you need to get the ball rolling.

It won’t last you forever, but it is a good starting point.

However, if you’re looking to grow your SME, cheap ain’t gonna cut it. You need a bespoke website that’s designed with your unique needs and growth goals in mind.

Your competitors will be investing in great websites, ones that will make a cheap website look rubbish.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ve supported hundreds of SMEs with building a website that has helped to catapult their success. If you want a website that’s unique to you and is optimised for driving leads, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our website building specialists today.


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When Sarah’s not working, you’ll find her spending time with her young family, or taking the dog for a long walk while listening to a podcast. 


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