Have you got your digital strategy in place?

Have you got your digital strategy in place?

Putting a digital strategy in place requires a well thought-out plan. Even the bare bones of one, can make your online strategy much easier to implement. There are various tactics you can employ – here are a few to get you started:

Little and often 

Just one campaign per month can be enough to get your online marketing working for you. Your campaigns will run concurrently, so you will soon build a library of information that can nurture prospects throughout the year. By the end of the year, you’ll have several campaigns running, each with their own premium content and workflows to keep your prospect interested.

Decide on a focus for each month

You should have at least a rough idea of what’s coming up over the next months, so build your plans around those. Product launches, promotions, shows and other key events can be great for generating interest in your business. Get them in the calendar, and plan your content in advance. 

Answer questions before they’re asked

You should have a pretty good idea of the typical questions your customers ask before they buy from you. Use that experience to address frequently asked questions, common objections and deal makers and breakers before they become a sticking point in the buying journey.

Use these as blog posts. Start with a summary of all the questions and issues in the first month then focus on a specific one every month after that. If you can come up with 12, that’s one per month for the next year. 24 will give you two per month, 36…well, you can do the maths!


Don’t do it all yourself – unless it’s your own business and you know all the departments and functions inside out, it’s best to rely on the expertise of your colleagues. Get them all together for an hour or so and have an informal discussion about the things that crop up most often, the questions they always have to answer.

You’ll get different responses from each department – sales, marketing, finance, operations – all will have their own unique input to make your content as varied as possible.

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Create your premium content

Let’s keep it simple. Say you can come up with 12 frequently asked questions. Create your piece of premium content around each of those questions. BUT! Don’t use this as a sales tool – use it as a marketing tool.

Position yourself as an expert, a reliable source of information, and you’ll keep yourself at the forefront of your prospects minds when they are actually ready to buy. And they won’t feel like they’ve had the hard sell. They’ll feel nurtured, and that’s how happy customers are made.