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Customer Relationship

Managment (CRM)

Never use a spreadsheet again...

The CRM for every business

Complete Customer Relationship Management

HubSpot’s CRM is an incredibly powerful piece of kit, that keeps your pipeline fully visible, accessible and (most importantly) easy to use. It’s the most powerful CRM around; there’s a reason that thousands of businesses around the world choose HubSpot’s CRM.

How it works

Ditch Other Complicated Software

If you use a bunch of different software to manage your processes, you’ll understand the pain of remembering logins, trying to remember how to do certain things or forgetting which darn tool we use for outreach! Consolidating everything into one delightful package will help to streamline everything and eliminate software rage (it’s okay, we all get it!). 

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How it works

Log Sales Activity Automatically

Whether you’re sending emails, commenting on social media or holding a call, HubSpot’s CRM will automatically log every detail as and when it happens. It’ll even sync with Gmail or Outlook, meaning that you can be sure that you’ve always got everything logged, safe and ready to use.

Log Sales Activity
How it works

Manage Sales Pipelines

It’s super easy to let leads slip past you – it’s happened to the best of us! HubSpot’s sales pipelines are designed so that this never happens to you again. The clear, visual dashboard lets you sort deals won and lost, keep track of upcoming appointments and sent contracts, and track your performance against targets. Sort and manage multiple deals all in one place, keeping everything clear and easy to sift through.

HubSpot Sales Pipeline
How it works

Collect Your Lead Data

The days of storing just names, job titles and an email address are long past. Your interactions with any lead are automatically stored directly on their entry, meaning that you can access everything about them and pick up where your relationship left off. Improve your lead warming process and show off your amazing memory.

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Let's break down HubSpot's CRM

More than just a CRM

Back in the old days, spreadsheets were the way to go when managing customer relationships. The prospect of this in the modern day is horrifying - HubSpot's CRM provides so much more than a spreadsheet ever could.

Equip every team with the tools, reports and overviews that they need to excel in their day-to-day work life.

Sales visibility and tracking

Keep track of everything with detailed reports on your sales performance. Customisable deal tracking and pipeline management gives your sales team the ability to track emails & prospects.

But wait! There's more: with contact management, call tracking, company insights, template builders, Gmail & Outlook integrations, meeting scheduler...should we keep going? 

Marketers' favourite CRM*

Audience insights, reporting, access to marketing tools and lead generation- what more do you need?

With form builders, ad management, landing page builders, email marketing, website activity and reports, there's plenty to keep you active and generating leads.

*most likely

Manage your customers

Many businesses make the mistake of presuming that CRM is only good for new businesses or marketing teams. But that's simply not the case.

A good CRM will provide your service team the tools required to improve efficiencies across the board, with integrated ticketing and reports allowing them to track issues all in one place. Templates allow your team to answer common questions with ease, and in-depth contract management solutions let you brush up on past conversations to resolve problems as quickly as possible. 

A full business solution

HubSpot is very much a more you put in, the more you get out platform.

Think of your CRM as your NASA HQ. You want to have everything together in one place ready for when you hear, "Houston, we have a problem". 

There's so much that HubSpot's CRM can do for your business; we'll stop here, or we'll be here all day.

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The ultimate beginners guide to HubSpot
Case study

Purbeck Insurance Saw an Increase of 150% In Applications

Purbeck Insurance are personal guarantee experts who approached Catalyst to take their brand to the next level. Purbeck’s brand wasn’t working for them and they were struggling to attract the right kinds of leads. 

Catalyst helped to evolve the brand to embody their personality, stand out from the competition and more importantly, generate leads. Find the results delivered, how we did it and more details here.

Purbeck Insurance Case Study Image

The last few weeks working with Catalyst have been a masterclass in witnessing how things should be done. I know I have a fantastic team working on helping us reach our business goals. The depth of their research and planning is second to none - one of our best decisions to date. Keep up the good work team Catalyst.

Andrew Bretherton, Skye Wellbeing

Their direct approach, instant understanding of our needs and consideration of our apprehension towards marketing agencies was very refreshing and strangely reassuring. We trusted our gut and went with Catalyst and I can say we haven't looked back since.

Mark Andrews, Adaptable Finance Ltd

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