Why You Need To Start Using Marketing Automation

Why You Need To Start Using Marketing Automation

We know that it can be hard to keep up with digital solutions and with brands becoming more and more insistent on developing a clear strategy to follow, marketing automation is gaining in importance.

The benefits of using marketing automation

The only businesses that can adequately keep up with the ever evolving digital landscape are those who use automation tools, Ensight CEO Gareth Slaven writes for Bizcommunity.com.

He goes on to outline the five biggest benefits that digital agencies generate from employing marketing automation, starting with landing page generation. Since these pages can be created from within the automation software itself, it also keeps track of how effective they are. This makes it easier for the client to compare the success of a new campaign to that of an old one.

A lot of marketing automation software also comes with built-in templates for campaign-specific websites. Say you want to launch a seasonal campaign, creating a brand new look for it is much faster and cheaper with such software. This is not only a huge benefit for agencies, but also for the brand, because templates come with an array of functional solutions that have already been tested.

Speed isn’t the only benefit

Slaven points out that marketing automation tools also allow the creation of a central database that stores information from different campaigns in one place. This gives marketers an option to create profiles for returning customers and their attitudes towards different products that span across different campaigns. This, in turn, allows agencies to run intelligent and more personalised campaigns in the future.

Automated software also keeps track of the channels visitors use to interact with brands. When the time comes to convert these visitors into paying customers, using the same channel to nurture such leads is recommended. Needless to say, having a system that does this automatically can be a lifesaver for busy marketing professionals.

Due to the multi-channel nature of marketing automation tools, they can also give a more holistic view of how successful campaigns perform on different platforms. Basically this means marketers can compare numbers from different channels like text messages, e-mails, social and their own micro-sites and figure out what is working and what isn’t. This way they will be able to tweak their campaigns according to the data, instead of guessing what works best.

Return on your investment

All of these benefits combined contribute to faster return on investment (ROI) for the client, as well as helping the agency provide a better service. Marketing automation software, Slaven writes, contributes to a better service streamlining processes along the way and results in higher customer satisfaction.

As marketing professionals with experience in marketing automation – as well as inbound marketing, content marketing and other areas – we know how indispensable marketing automation can be to a business.