Why Manufacturers and Industrial Companies Must Change?

Why Manufacturers and Industrial Companies Must Change?

Change is scary, change is daunting and change is, by definition, a gleaming threat to what businesses generally feel is their greatest luxury – security. Despite various business blunders that have spawned from the refusal to adopt new technologies, methods of working and infrastructures (Kodak is a case in point), many remain short-sighted; blinded by the notion that what works now will always work.

It won’t.

Given the B2B nature of the manufacturing, industrial distribution and engineering industries, the way in which sales leads are secured and converted to genuine sales prospects is important. Relying on repeat business from the same consistent batch of customers is a recipe for eventual failure – you need to attract new customers, you need to attract sales opportunities, you need to embrace change.

Inbound Marketing

An often overlooked and relatively new method through which to attract new sales opportunities and convert them into leads, is a concept called Inbound Marketing.

Manufacturing industries often epitomise the scepticism to change outlined above by refusing to adopt new marketing strategies – particularly inbound marketing. This is largely due to a perceived poor ROI and a disconnect between its effectiveness in a B2C context and what it can actually do for the manufacturing and industrial distributor sector (which by the way, is a hell of a lot).

“More than 90% of B2B buying purchases start with content engagement; and more than 40% of B2B buyers had their first contact with a solution provider after downloading content from their site”*

How does it work?

Inbound Marketing essentially operates on the concept that, through offering white papers and other insightful content (usually addressing an industry wide problem) the target audience will be enticed into providing contact details in exchange for its value.


Over time, and with quality, specific content, businesses can develop a wealth of information about potential leads, allowing for a tailored, non-intrusive sales approach that delivers actual sales. As is outlined here, the embracing of online marketing is now essential. Luckily, we at Catalyst can help you develop an effective online marketing strategy.