Virtual “coffee shops” run by UK farmers

Virtual “coffee shops” run by UK farmers

As most other professionals, farmers nowadays are fully equipped with a smartphone or tablet. But not just outside of the working hours; research reveals that they are actively engaging online even when on a tractor or working outdoors.

There is a saying that knowledge is wasted when it isn’t shared; the saying as a mantra perfectly applies to the various agricultural groups and community hashtags springing up on Twitter introducing a new way for farmers to connect.According to Farmers Weekly, social media has proven to be a great medium for people in this rather lonely, but dynamic profession with a lot of content to share. Here are 3 of the most booming farming groups on Twitter:


A weekly discussion group for UK farmers that in a short period of time has grown to be the UK’s biggest weekly farming discussion on Twitter. Check out their website, or join for a coffee using the hashtag.


A social club born online for farmers nationwide. The aim is to connect, share information, knowledge and to no surprise – have fun! Club Hectare members chat during the day on Twitter, but also meet up several times a year nationwide. They even have their own merchandise!


It’s all about the future: future people, future systems, future technologies. This group is driven by and targeted at other young people interested in farming.Farmers now swap tips and knowledge via social media not only nationwide, but on a global scale. It also serves as a great opportunity to bound with this specific target audience and spot the influencers.