Sports industry customers are becoming more educated

Sports industry customers are becoming more educated

Fresh and natural is one such trend that is increasingly important in today’s consumer landscape especially in the sports industry. Better educated and more discerning consumers are becoming more demanding.

Studies show that consumer awareness about health and wellness is prompting them to make more health oriented choices.


We’ve seen popular sports supplements like Jack3d and other DMAA – containing pre-workout boosters – being removed from the shelves due to safety concerns. Most recently Coca-Cola removed brominated veg oil from its Powerade drink which, when built up, can have toxic effects.


As a result we are seeing more natural products enter the market, from grass feed proteins to energy gels that are proven to be 100% organic. With the power of the internet, it’s key for sports nutrition businesses to position themselves as experts in the industry and be able to communicate effectively with their audience.


Customers are looking for responsive, competitive, innovative and resourceful brands they can trust and use as part of their healthy lifestyle.