How To Activate Growth For Tech Firms

How To Activate Growth For Tech Firms

‘Grow fast or die fast’ might be the enforced modus operandi (M.O.) for technology companies, but that can prove easier said than done.

As we’ve already touched on in our ‘Tech landscape 2020’ infographic, tech firms must overcome a series of considerable challenges if they’re to make good on the M.O.

But in the case of most of the challenges – namely marketing saturation, dwindling investment and lack of time – a strategic approach to marketing can prove to be the answer.

But how is marketing the answer?

Consider the challenge of marketing saturation. By undertaking a growth audit (the foundation of a marketing strategy), you’ll paint a picture of your marketplace and begin to identify those new markets where opportunity lies.

So, is the challenge marketing saturation? Then you need a marketing agency!

The further you go away from where you started, the more opportunity there may be – but the greater the risk of having little to show for your efforts. So it’s crucial that you have access to experienced heads, who can devise a strategy that’s built for success.

Of course, no marketing agency can guarantee results, but a digital marketing strategy built on fact, rather than assumption, significantly increases the probability of success.

Perhaps you’re looking for investment? Then look for a marketing agency!

Marketing is also crucial for attracting investment, in a climate where investors are potentially more reserved in where they splash their cash.

Ultimately, investors will always follow the companies most likely to succeed.

So businesses who can prove themselves – by filling their pipeline and winning more business – will continue to see their fair share of attention from venture capitalists.

Are you lacking time? Then it’s time to share the hats!

Finally, it’s obvious how a lack of time can be solved by outsourcing a business function like marketing to an expert. Not only does it free you up to work on the areas of business where you can add the most value, but you also stand a greater chance of achieving your company objectives.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Jive Software is a leading provider of modern communication and collaboration solutions for business, with annual revenues in the region of US$200m. In McKinsey’s paper ‘The reality of growth in the software industry’, Jive’s CEO Tony Zingale spoke about the importance of having people on board who have “been there, done that”.

He said: “You know, the sales and marketing aspects of the company – which is probably the other large investment both with respect to people and in overall capital that the company’s utilising – have to be world-class in their ability to create awareness, buzz, brand appeal, and affinity as well as be able to take advantage of that from a selling and go-to-market point of view.

Here at Catalyst, we’re a marketing agency that has all the tactics and tools at our disposal to drive and nurture leads. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you meet your objectives in 2020 – and overcome any obstacles – contact or call 0121 296 5275 and ask for Douglas.