Happy Birthday Google! 25 Years Young Today!

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The impact that Google has had on the modern world is undeniable; a single company changed the way that we navigate our lives, with their name becoming a verb – to ‘Google it’. Not a bad effort in 25 short years.


But why should we care?

Woo, yay – a multinational mega business is celebrating another birthday, big whoop, right?

Well, yes and no. 

Google shape the way that we, as a business, operate. They also, in many ways, shape your business, too. 

How? Google have a chokehold on SEO; everything we do, from websites to content, PPC to ongoing digital marketing is all influenced by Google and the way that their search engine works. 

Despite this, Google are constantly innovating in a way that benefits us, the users. Google prioritises great content, they’re regularly updating their platform to make it easier to use, and they provide a platform for businesses, no matter how small, to build on.


So happy G25gle day, Google

From search engines to Google Ads, Google Analytics to YouTube, Google has created a world where businesses like ours, and businesses like many of yours, can grow and thrive.

Cheers Google – here’s to another 25 years

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About the author

Nick Floyd has been writing for as long as he can remember. 

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