How Can B2B Companies Benefit From Live Streaming Apps?

How Can B2B Companies Benefit From Live Streaming Apps?

Live streaming applications such as Meerkat and Periscope are very much on the rise. These applications are free to download through app stores, but streams can also be viewed through a smartphone browser or desktop computer. With social media ever changing – is this a new feature that B2B companies can utilise?

Both applications were set up to ‘teleport’ the viewer into someone else’s life and show real-time videos of what is happening. With over 5 million users combined, it seems these applications have the potential to take off. With many B2B companies being behind the times and still getting to grips with other social media sites why not capitalize on this and be ahead of the game?

You may be thinking about what to stream?

Well, it is easier than you think:

Events you attend
. If you have permission, be sure to show off events you go or even host. Whether these are internal or external, you will be surprised how many people will want to see this. It allows them to transport into your location and learn things as you do.

Have a lot of FAQs? Stream live interviews to inform followers and offer advice and information. This could also act as a Q&A session with the viewers.

If you are having some work done at your office, show it off – let people experience the changes from a first-person perspective.

Reveal the journey that your product goes on, perhaps even the development stage of a new product. Give previews of new products when they are being prepared for launch.

– Offer Training.
Free live training will naturally attract a lot of visitors to your session.  Take your audience through a step-by-step process when conducting a hard task and engage with your audience.

– Announcements.
Latest company or industry news that you want to talk about that effects you can be broadcasted.  This allows employees who are not in the office to watch the announcement as it happens as well as the general public.

Will people watch it?

periscope_graph via Topsy

From this graph, we can tell that Meerkat is attracting more streams and links but both are attracting over 20K tweets linking to the stream on 24th March. It is common knowledge that videos are much more appealing, and can increase the chances of people learning about your brand.

Will it work?

Of course, different social media sites work better depending on the company in question, so it is not essential for you to exploit. These streaming applications are not totally pointless for B2B but if you want to have that edge over your competitor, this is something you should try.