4 Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Google Adwords Score

4 Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Google Adwords Score

Google recently launched changes to their adwords permissions, with one feature now enabling marketers and advertisers to include more characters and provide a clearer context as to the nature of their advert. But the quality of your advert all depends on the alignment between the copy and what web page the user is led to, and Google, despite their good, kind hearted nature, certainly haven’t introduced any leniency when it comes to this. 
This means it’s imperative you monitor, tweak and improve your Google adwords
on a regular basis, including keeping up to date with industry insight.

The click-through-rate (CTR) for a mobile search on the first position advert on Google is 27.7%, compared to the CTR of 9.2% for the second position advert. Getting to the top has never been so important, so here’s some actionable tips and tricks to take away and tinker with.

Back to Basics: Keyword Research
Sounds a bit obvious but you need to review keywords frequently, as search volumes will fluctuate. It’s important you keep on top of both short and long tail keywords to understand what is ranking highly and the terms you want to be seen for. But don’t just rely on online tools; the Google Keyword Planner is great for providing the basis of your keyword research, but delve deeper into the minds of your target audience. If you sell plant pots, think about the phrases and other terms people may be typing into Google; flower pots, garden accessories, indoor plant pots. So when creating your keyword list for Google adwords, you’ll want to structure them into groups…


Adword Categories
As stated, you should have a variety of keywords to use in your paid strategy, but you need to segment them into related categories to see any success and improve your ad score quality. In keeping with the plant pot theme, keywords such as ‘ceramic plant pot, garden plant pots, plant pots with flowers’ should all be in the same group as the advert text to accompany these will speak to all three.

Specific Advert Text
The main reason you see a low quality ad score is because your landing page doesn’t correlate with the advert copy. Low quality scores will push you further and further down the page as Google doesn’t identify your advert as genuine. Now you have 2 headlines of up to 30 characters and an extended description of 80 characters, you should have no problem in curating an enticing sentence that reflects the web page you’re linking to.

Relateable Landing Pages
As we’ve said, the text and page you’re sending users to need to sing from the same hymn sheet. If your Google ad text speaks about ready prepared plant pots (I really don’t know why I chose plant pots) but when a user clicks through and they land on a page that’s telling them how to make their own plant pot, this not only dissatisfies the visitor and increases bounce rate but it grinds Google up the wrong way too.

Monitor all of these points and you’ll improve the quality of your Google ad score which will justify your marketing spend, increase CTR and improve your ad position.