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There are literally millions of websites that use WordPress, and for good reason! It’s functional, powerful and flexible, providing everything that you need to make the perfect website. We love using WordPress because it's a great choice for your website if you’re looking for a bespoke design.


Ease of Use

Once everything’s set up, WordPress’ user experience is really good! It can be a little much to wrap your head around if you’ve no experience of website building, but once you’re familiar with the process, you can easily update, upload and adjust your website.


SEO Friendly

WordPress has some really robust SEO features. Its high-quality code makes WordPress websites highly searchable (search engines can read the code easily, meaning they’re more likely to recommend WordPress sites). There’s also a whole host of third party plugins that you can add in to help optimise your content for SEO, too.


Tonnes of Options

Because of WordPress’ vast array of plugins, themes and other options, we can build a website that not only looks good, but has a great user experience and all the functionality you can imagine (and plenty of functionality that you can’t).


How it works

Dynamic, robust, agile

Really filling our buzzword quota today!

At the end of the day, WordPress is a no-nonsense, straightforward platform for you to build your website on. It's the brick and mortar that hold up your code, keeping everything running smoothly. 

The people's platform

Most people are at least somewhat familiar with WordPress, whether you've heard of it in passing or have had a go yourself, you'll likely have come into contact with it.

It's the most common CMS, and for good reason. It's simple and easy to use, and brings tonnes of plugins to the table to help you get more out of it. WordPress is bulletproof; a solid choice for any website.

Built to work, built for you

All the sites we build on WordPress work, and they work well (there we go tooting our own horn again).

It's important to us that when we deliver a website, we hand it over to you completely, meaning that you can pick it up in our absence. Of course, we offer ongoing support and maintenance, but sometimes you want to take the keys and drive off into the sunset - that's fine too!

At the end of the day, it's your website. We're just the builders - it would be a bit weird if we built your house then refused to leave.

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How to create a website that delivers leads
Case study

Purbeck Insurance Saw an Increase of 150% In Applications

Purbeck Insurance are personal guarantee experts who approached Catalyst to take their brand to the next level. Purbeck’s brand wasn’t working for them and they were struggling to attract the right kinds of leads. 

Catalyst helped to evolve the brand to embody their personality, stand out from the competition and more importantly, generate leads. Find the results delivered, how we did it and more details here.

Purbeck Insurance Case Study Image

Catalyst really know what they're doing and genuinely care about adding and delivering value in equal measure. I also know that my experience with them isn't unique, and this drive to deliver real value is something experienced by everyone they work with.

Dave Rainbow, Results Agency

One of our KPIs (enquiry rate) has increased 200% since engaging with Catalyst and they provide high quality deliverables. Catalyst is an agile organisation that is not afraid to challenge the status quo of our business and our operations. Would highly recommend.

Todd Davison, Purbeck Insurance

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