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A Visual Website for a Visual Company


Responsible for some of the most visually breathtaking designs and inflatable temporary structures, Baconinflate needed a website that would make a true impact. That’s where we stepped in.

As the name suggests, Baconinflate proudly stray from the status quo. 

Through the latest in 3D design, large format digital print, in-house manufacturing and operational event management, the company provides bespoke creative temporary inflatable structures to help businesses transform their events and exhibitions into unforgettable visual experiences.
Examples of brands Baconinflate has provided solutions for include Microsoft, BMW, the Premier League and Adidas.

With a fully-equipped, UK-based manufacturing and fabrication facility run by a dedicated team with over 60 years combined manufacturing experience, Baconinflate is able to provide everything from conceptual designs to final execution.

The Challenge 

As a company dedicated to supplying visually stunning products and designs, Baconinflate’s website lacked the visual impact expected of such an innovative brand. Considering the quality of their designs and structures, the website failed to adequately represent the scale of Baconinflate’s potential to new website visitors and prospective customers. The company required a website just as credible, well-designed and visually appealing as their inflatable structures and design work. And that’s where Catalyst stepped in.

Our Methods

For visual impact, we designed the website to be image driven and responsive, Baconinflate’s structures and designs acting as the focal point to attract and retain the attention of visitors. By complementing high-resolution images with succinct copy, the website offers visitors a much more clear and coherent view of what Baconinflate represent and are capable of.

Our intervention included more than visuals however: a key component of our service was the creation of a website underpinned by clear user journeys, making navigation through the website both simple and effortless. Furthermore, through 9 URLs, we optimised the site for viewing within 9 different countries.

We also organised Baconinflate’s large roster of products and structures into separate categories, further improving the ease with which can users navigate the site to find relevant content and information.

In fact, content was yet another area in which Catalyst lended our services. Utilising the expertise of our Inbound team, we pulled together a series of content ideas, using them as the basis for an on-going content strategy delivered through the creation and distribution of two blogs per month.


The Results  

The number of unique website visitors increased by 83% in the first two months of the website’s launch. The length of the website’s visit sessions has increased 19 times. The company’s net worth grew by 7.2%.