Consumer Insight Through the Fogg Behaviour Model

The objective of every marketer is to influence consumer behaviour, and with the digital world we live in it should come as no surprise as to how key this is when it comes to developing websites and landing pages. Therefore,  it is important to try and understand human behaviour. By doing so, we as marketers get empowered to make more informative decisions, and so increase conversion rates. The Fogg Behaviour Model is one of the most effective tools for analysing consumer behaviour. It helps to understand triggers, motives and opportunities of every customer and website visitor. So, check out the video that gives you an insight into the Fogg Behaviour Model.

The New Shopping Mission: 'Food-To-Go' Market

The food-to-go caters to a growing demographic of busy professionals with fast paced lives, resulting in a surge of innovative packaging, street food, food trucks, markets and an overall wider variety of fast food options that operate to the speed that the consumer dictates. In this video, we address how the way consumers buy food has changed as well as how brands can adapt to this new shopping journey and grow their business.


How Can Market Research Improve Your Marketing Strategy?

In the previous data-driven video we have looked at how to analyse data and extract key insights as well as turn them into strategy. In this video we go one step further and show you how to improve your marketing through market research.  


How Do We Tackle Brexit and Get Ready for 2017

Brexit has had an impact on every industry. The majority of businesses are unsure what to do next, especially when it comes to planning marketing and allocating budgets for 2017. In fact, only 3% of marketers will increase their marketing spend next year. Find out what they will do to tackle Brexit by watching this video.


Brand Perception. Mars: Deliberate capitalisation on consumer ignorance?

Mars Inc have released a protein version of their classic Mars and Snickers bars. In this video we compare and analyse how these new products differ from the old ones, and how brands capitalise on current trends and create added value.


The Importance of Using a Data-Driven Marketing Approach

Data-Driven marketing delivers great results. It helps businesses to increase their revenues, customers' loyalty and much more. In this video we address more benefits of such approach.


How to Analyse Data and Extract Key Insights

In this  video we introduce you to Linda, our hypothetical marketing manager at a manufacturing company who is struggling to increase and maintain sales. But when we drill down into the data, there’s clear direction in which to take her marketing strategy.


6 Awesome Data-Driven Marketing Tools

This is a part two of our data-driven marketing vlog! In this video, we're discussing the best online tools (some of them are free) on the market that enable us to garner the latest insights and high quality data about our audience.


Data-Driven Marketing: Explained

This video is the basis of our Data-Driven marketing series. In this this video we talk through the data-driven approach to marketing, its benefits, and why it is now used by 78% of marketers. 

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