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HubSpot Email Templates for Source


Source is a global investment firm and a leading European provider of exchange traded products (ETPs), and since their inception in 2009 they have around $20 billion in Assets Under Management (AUM). Source create products that either offer exposure to new opportunities in the market or deliver existing strategies more effectively.

They partner with some of the world’s largest investment houses & asset managers and are uniquely positioned to deliver products that respond to the challenges and opportunities of the market.

The Challenge

Source approached Catalyst to create a new range of custom designed HubSpot COS email templates that were easy to use, delivered on results and would provide an excellent user experience. Aligned to their wider marketing activities, each template was to have a specific purpose, ranging from webinar invites to news updates. The core objectives agreed were to boost engagement rates and create a consistent brand image that is instantly recognisable across all email communications. The email templates needed to be flexible enough to support the varying types of content and at the same time, be easy for any team member to use - experts and novices alike.

The solution

We used HubSpot's Design Manager tool which allowed us to design, code and test layout modules, taking advantage of the time-saving drag and drop functionality. With Source’s requirements in mind, we sought to make the templates so they could easily be re-arranged, repeated and edited by their marketer or content administrator, mitigating the risk of disrupting display issues. This meant that the team had modular, scalable, attractive and robust templates to use for a wide range of marketing messages that were in keeping with digital advances. We confirmed that they were fully compatible and responsive across modern smart devices to fulfill customer demands.



Our Methods

Email design isn’t easy. Firstly, there’s a wide range of email formats - webinar, event invitation, newsletter, product update or offer - so for us, understanding Source’s content marketing and distribution plans played a pivotal role when laying the foundations for our email template designs. Secondly, there are many elements involved in email marketing that determine the success or failure of an email, with the line being slightly blurred. Applying this knowledge we concentrated on the fundamentals that Source would have control over, producing captivating layouts designed for high conversion rates. Drawing upon years of contextual design experience, Catalyst created nine different email templates, each one geared towards delivering different results while still retaining a strong brand image.



The Results

The email templates have helped Source strengthen its refreshed brand - supporting the new website design - and have created a much better user experience for prospects and customers alike.

We are an ETF Company that works together with Catalyst and we are very happy with the work they have delivered so far. In the last project, they have provided us with a full range of excellent email templates. Each one varied in terms of design, but all are great and have a good user experience. They always deliver in time and are 24/7 available for questions. Looking forward to the next projects! (Analyst, Source) - Original review on HubSpot Directory