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Hi, my name is Dave Rainbow, Director at Results Agency.
I’ve been working with Catalyst for about six months now and they asked me to share my experience.
Dave Rainbow
I’d been putting the website off for months and months, knowing it wasn’t fit for purpose anymore but not really having the time to look at it. It was pretty outdated though.
I needed a site that would provide some proper proof points of the clients we work with and the results we’ve achieved to help us close more deals.
I looked around at a fair few different agencies and there were a few I liked but Catalyst’s no-nonsense approach won me over.
The team really know their stuff. They’ve got the balance right between listening to exactly what we needed and challenging us with their own recommendations which was a breath of fresh air really.
Old website to new-layout
The new site looks great, but more importantly gets across who we are.
It’s clear from even just skimming the site what we do and gives the proof points to prospects I was after.
Success-wise, we’re actually confident in sending people to the site to look at certain pages or case studies now.
Which is much stronger than us just telling them about another client over the phone.
Catalyst delivered what they promised.
They listened to us and learned everything they could about our business before making any recommendations which has made the work quality.
Dave Rainbow - Results Agency