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Hi my name is Mike Fowler, Managing Director of Gin.co.uk.
I approached Catalyst about 6 months ago with the idea of launching a new gin community based website. I owed the domain, but nothing else was in place.
We already knew gin had experienced a huge surge in popularity -
but together we assessed the market to see whether we could use the domain to create a commercially viable business.
logo sketch into finished logo-2
The research confirmed we were on to something, so we got to work creating a brand identity, website and social channels.
Within the first 6 weeks of launch our social channels had reached just shy of 400,000 people gaining a decent follower count and achieving high levels of engagement.
We are only just in the midst of the second phase of the marketing strategy and website development,
but the response to the brand has been so positive we are working with Catalyst to launch our own brand of gin, merchandise and experiences to sell on our website.
We are also in discussions with various celebrities to endorse the brand,
and have secured a partnership with a national cocktail bar to run a co-branded competition later in the year.
Results are obviously how I evaluate my relationship with Catalyst, but the trust I have in the team to constantly keep striving to increase awareness and future sales is paramount.
Mike Fowler - Gin.co.uk