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Hi my name is Javier Nadal, Director at Bluethink.
I have been asked to share my experience of working with Catalyst.
I first came to Catalyst as we were looking to expand Bluethink internationally and into the UK market specifically.
We felt that there was a big opportunity for Bluethink in the UK yet we did not have the awareness and traction in order for us to capitalise as we have done in other locations.
I chose to work with Catalyst because they understood the challenges we were facing and were in a position to help us achieve our lead gen objectives in the UK.
Their services included an initial Q&A with myself to understand our company, our product, our market and our offering.
Catalyst then executed the strategy which included targeted social outreach, a focussed content strategy for the primary target industries and an email marketing campaign to distribute the content out and nurture prospects.
We have seen a 30% increase in social followers across the automotive, industrial and medical devices sectors, with a number of leads and opportunities as a result of this work.
We also now have dedicated industry guides and targeted content to help nurture and showcase our current work while helping to explain our capabilities and expertise through our network.
Working with Catalyst, we've seen a 30% increase in social followers, with a number of leads and opportunities as a result of this work.
Javier Nadal - Bluethink