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Hi, my name's Neil, Director of Bespoke Commercial Finance.
I’ve been working with Catalyst for around a year and they’ve asked me to share my experience.
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I found Catalyst when I was looking for a Midlands-based agency to help me grow my finance house.
I’d grown my business to a certain point relying on my network and needed to introduce new ways of generating leads.
I spoke to quite a few agencies in the area and had various meetings.
The real deciding factor I'd say was that Paul got the sales-side of our business better than anyone else I’d spoken to.
Bespoke Brochure
Catalyst made clear exactly what we needed to do to capitalise on the opportunity and which tactics would work best.
I'm a complete luddite when it comes to marketing but they made it very clear not just what we were going to do, but also why.
Bespoke Website
They listened to my input and used that to inform the work. They sent out email campaigns, tweaked the website and automated my LinkedIn output.
The result was a solid pipeline of new opportunities to complement the referrals I'd already got.
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If you’re looking for new ways to find customers, I’d definitely recommend having a look at Catalyst.
Their process is easy and the results so far are more than I'd hoped for.
Neil Nisbet - Bespoke Commercial Finance