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Hi, my name's Pete Roberts, Marketing Director [EMEA] at Altair.
I've been working with Catalyst for over 3 years and they asked me to share my experience.
Our relationship began with Catalyst designing and developing a website for our Enlighten Project.
Enlighten was a new venture for us and our resource library is extensive, technical and made up of an array of content types so we were pretty cautious about who we went with.
Catalyst really understood the complexities of the project early on which is why we decided to go with them.
We're a very process driven business and the way they mapped everything out was exactly what we needed process-wise.
Altair-Beyond the horizon proposal
During the project, we started talking about Catalyst’s other capabilities and ended up working on an Inbound strategy for one of our newer products.
We had a lot of content, but one of our biggest challenges was putting a strategy behind it to get it in front of the right people.
The results have been great - the content we had is driving traction.
We've opened conversation lines with a lot of potential customers who didn't know who we were before.
The fact we came on-board for a 3-4 month project and are still working together says quite a lot really.
Catalyst recognise potential opportunities and form a plan to actually make it happen.
Altair-Beyond the horizon-01
Our products are a very technical sell. I've been with Altair for over 10 years and every day is a learning day. Catalyst were able to get up to speed very quickly and start coming up with ideas which impressed us all.
Pete Roberts - Altair