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Hi my name's Nick Reader, Sales Director at Absentia.
I’ve been working with Catalyst for almost a year now and they asked me to share my experience.
I first came to Catalyst to launch a new healthcare business, but wasn't sure where to start on the marketing front.
Catalyst knew exactly how to help us get to market, starting with the strategy and then implementing the tactics to get us going.
The Growth Audit covered a lot of ground in a short space of time after we'd signed off.
They researched our competitors, the state of the market, search trends and spoke to our staff about our goals and vision for the business.
Within just over a month, they presented the findings of The Growth Audit to us with the strategy and tactics to match.
They then got to work pretty much the next day on putting the strategy into place.
They got our site live, worked on a content plan and automated email campaigns too.
It would be an understatement to say we were happy with the results. It was exactly what we needed to kick start the business.
Catalyst's research left no stone unturned and the resulting work was incredibly effective. Growth has been faster than we expected and a huge part of that is down to our marketing strategy.
Nick Reader - Absentia