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Lead Generation

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Encourage short-term wins

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If SEO is the long game, PPC is the short game

PPC is like a cheat code in a video game, it lets you jump the search engine queue and get eyes on your brand immediately. Carefully crafted PPC campaigns are a great supplement to your other marketing efforts.

What's it good for?

Keyword search strategy

Understanding your keywords is crucial when putting your PPC ads together. As PPC is highly targeted, it’s important for you to know what your potential customers are searching for, and ensure that your ads are crafted to suit.

What's it good for?

Search ads

Designed to draw people in from search engines, search ads put your result on the top of search engine results pages. Ads are displayed based on your rankings, cost per click and quality score, so even with fantastic search ads, you’ll still need the content to back it up. 

What's it good for?

Display ads

Display ads are the flashier cousin of search ads. They work by targeting specific parameters from your target audience, that’s why it’s important to nail down exactly who your perfect customer is. Display ads are a fantastic way to catch the attention of people scrolling through the internet. 

What's it good for?

Ad group targeting

You’ll want to narrow down the type of person that you expect will want to use your services/products. Ad parameters can be extremely specific, all the way down to where people work, where they live and what they enjoy doing. A correctly targeted ad will do wonders for your engagement.

Ad Groups
What's it good for?

How successful is PPC?

People are currently searching for services that you offer. PPC gets your brand in front of people looking to buy in the shortest amount of time possible; it’s a highly successful way to promote rapid growth. The only caveat is that PPC doesn’t stand up well alone – you’ll need to make sure that everything else, from landing pages to content, is all top-notch and ready to go before you consider PPC.

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How do we use PPC?

Audits & planning

Learning from our mistakes - we all say we do it, but if we're completely honest, we never really do! 

Before any PPC campaign goes live, we'll conduct an audit on previous campaign performances to help us gauge what went well, and what could be done better.

Using keyword research, landing page analysis and competitor reviews, we'll be fully equipped to conduct a high-quality PPC campaign that converts.

Tinker, tailor, optimiser

Imagine a runway that's too short and covered in speedbumps - no pilot in their right mind is going to want to land there.

Your landing pages are your runways into your website; it's crucial you facilitate a smooth landing by nailing your copy, graphics and messaging. This'll drastically improve your conversions, allowing you to outperform the competition.

But wait, there's more! Once live, our job isn't done. We'll monitor your landing page and your ads, tinkering with their message to ensure that we reach the highest possible score, reducing your spend and increasing your conversion rate.


It's important to take the time to understand what your ad spend has delivered. We'll help you to assess your successes and areas to improve on next time.

For example, if "ad 1" is delivering leads that are converting, then we can increase spend here to see more returns. On the other hand, if "ad 2" isn't doing so well, we can identify why and modify it until it's performing. 

Choosing the right ad type

If we think PPC will help you grow your business, and the evidence supports that, then we'll recommend it as a channel to pursue. 

But PPC is more than a fast track to the top results in Google. We'll review, assess and make recommendations based on your target audience and proposition to make the right choice. Whether that be search, display, remarketing, mobile, app, shopping or video, we'll ensure you're making the right PPC decisions. 

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Your ROI Guide
How To Increase Conversion and Get More Leads
Case study

Purbeck Insurance saw an increase of 150% in applications

Purbeck Insurance are personal guarantee experts who approached Catalyst to take their brand to the next level. Purbeck’s brand wasn’t working for them and they were struggling to attract the right kinds of leads. 

Catalyst helped to evolve the brand to embody their personality, stand out from the competition and more importantly, generate leads. Find the results delivered, how we did it and more details here.

Purbeck Insurance Case Study Image

Catalyst have helped us rejuvenate our brand with a new look and feel and rolled out a new website. We are now working on a number of different strategies where we anticipate seeing a great return for us in the near future. I'm looking forward to the continued success of our partnership

Greg Devenish, Premier Labels

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