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Transforming a Company's Reputation


Looking to free itself from its past and carve out a new place in its existing and new markets, Komplete called upon Catalyst to create a clear brand identity and message. 

Formerly known as Railway Projects Limited (RPL), Komplete Group is a company and brand evolved.

Divided into three distinct branches of service (Komplete Projects, Recruitment, and Train Presentation), the company provides dedicated and informed turnkey services to the wider rail industry. Komplete also operates in the fields of engineering and technical focused recruitment, in addition to overall rail vehicle presentation, repair and maintenance.

Following over a decade of service in the rail industry, the company introduced a completely new management team, responsible for aligning the business with a bold new vision and direction.

In order to kick-start their new alignment and evolution however, Komplete Group needed help. That’s where we stepped in.

The Challenge

To become a recognised, reputable and respected first choice business, RPL required more than a new name and new upper management: it needed a fresh start, a full rebrand, a new identity.

RPL wanted to build on its past and evolve, diversifying into additional markets while maintaining the underlying principles that drove over ten years of operation in the rail industry.

As a result, we created a clear brand identity and message to both liberate the business from its past, and establish the brand as a reputable force in its markets, old and new.

Komplete Mobile Website


Our Methods

Komplete Group’s current success is founded on the same underlying principles as its predecessor. However, the company’s brand and reputation were not aligned with its future ambitions. As a result, the first step to the brand’s evolution was the consolidation of its offering and brand values. To achieve this, we conducted a collaborative workshop with the company, driving what would later become an in-depth, research-driven audit.

We used the audit as the basis for a comprehensive rebrand involving a complete brand overhaul, approved brand messages, brand guidelines, merchandise, website creation and social media messaging.

Komplete Rebrand

The Results

Working with Catalyst, Komplete’s net worth grew by 4.8%.
Our evolution as a brand was always going to be a challenge. We wanted to develop a completely new identity that reflects our future without compromising what makes us who we are, and without alienating current stakeholders and customers. Catalyst not only accepted the challenge, they excelled. They were proactive, organised and professional, listening to our ideas and fusing them with their own to develop a brand that aligned perfectly with our ambitions moving forward. On this basis, I can wholeheartedly recommend Catalyst: they delivered in full. (Managing Director, Komplete Group)