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A full, end-to-end rebrand, and an industry-leading ecommerce website, fully optimised to help visitors easily navigate to the relevant products to them.

GJD required a website that was easy to use, reflected their modern, forward-thinking business, and drove traffic & tangible results. In order to do this, we needed to update their outdated branding, reinforcing their position as industry leaders. Following this, we then built a brand-new website from the ground up, meticulously designing every page and fully optimising it for success.

The Problem

Our existing website didn’t explain to anyone exactly what we do, why they might need us, or which products to use and why.

GJD had a website because it was the done thing, and were generating little to no traffic through it. Both the website and their brand had started to show signs of aging; it was time for a change!

Their messaging needed to express their expertise and success, and their website needed to shine their unique products in the best light.

The range of tools leveraged

What we did

We got to the bottom of what made GJD tick.

By learning the ins and outs of GJD’s business, we were able to identify key growth KPIs, helping to inform our strategy when approaching both the website and the rebrand. 


For the branding, we wanted to ensure that their logo, messaging and palette truly captured exactly who GJD are, while simultaneously helping them to stand out from the crowd with vibrant colours, vivid imagery and punchy copy.


Using this branding, we built their new website from the ground up, keeping their KPIs in mind at all time. The end result is a website that’s completely different from anything else in the industry, truly succeeding in positioning GJD as innovators.

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With a fresh new look and a stunning new website, GJD are now rocketing towards their growth goals!

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