What is Growth Driven Marketing?

Looking at marketing in isolation can limit a business' growth potential. GDM aligns your operations, sales and marketing to gear your entire business for growth.


Often businesses look at sales and marketing before considering operations.



Without the right foundations in place, the right people and the right processes, long-term, sustainable growth is significantly limited. Marketing can drive opportunities, sales can convert them, but if your business can't deliver or retain, your growth will be short lived.

Catalyst will work with you to:

  • Align your capabilities with what the market wants

  • Create processes to maximise efficiency and delivery

  • Ensure you are effectively leveraging the skill sets of yours team
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If you have to over promise to win customers, your sales and operational strategy are not aligned for growth.




Over promising will impact the level of repeat and retained customers, putting unnecessary pressure on your sales team to win even more new business.

For long-term success, you need to adopt a sales approach that strikes the right balance of what you can deliver and what the customer wants.

Catalyst will work with you to:

  • Gain insight into the market - trends, behaviours and potential targets.

  • Articulate your offering to ensure it engages with your audience and refelcts what you can deliver.

  • Create processes that align with marketing campaigns to nurture leads into customers.
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A good marketing strategy can increase awareness, drive traffic to your website and engagement on your social channels, but this alone does not achieve growth.


A growth based-marketing strategy uses a combination of behavioural science and data to inform which marketing tactics are most likely to feed your pipeline. Aligning this with sales and operations ensures that you're in front of the right prospects at the right time with an offering that the market wants and you can deliver.

Catalyst will work with you to:

  • Understand which marketing channels and tactics are most likely to engage with your audience.

  • Create and implement a targeted marketing strategy to feed your sales pipeline.

  • Implement nurturing campaigns for existing customers.
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