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Integrated Marketing with Shire Leasing PLC


We hold a longstanding and successful relationship with Shire Leasing Plc. Since our inception we've been providing effective marketing solutions, and today nothing has changed. 

Founded in 1990, Shire Leasing Plc is the largest independent funding house in the UK for equipment financing and leasing.  

To add a sense of scale, the company boasts an Own Book of over £100m, managing an average of 2044 proposals per month and completing 540 deals per month. 

Shire Leasing Plc has always been defined by its commitment to assisting British SMEs and in 2014 this was highlighted by the receipt of funding support from British Business Bank. 

The Challenge

Having held a longstanding, successful relationship with Shire Leasing Plc since our inception, we have provided endless marketing solutions to the business over the years. As a result, we've chosen to focus on a selection of work from the past two years.

And this brings us to the website.

Paving the way for the other branches of the Shire Business Group, Shire Leasing's website provided the company with the perfect platform for effective marketing in a world where content and mobile are everything. Specifically, we called upon our developers to create an engaging website underpinned by clear user journeys and sharp, responsive design.

But the site doesn't just look good, it's fully integrated with HubSpot, boasting a dedicated blog complete with landing pages for effective data capture. 

A Full Service

Testament to the value of the retainer options we offer our clients, we proudly provide Shire Leasing Plc with a full service that extends beyond digital and inbound marketing. In the past year for instance, we've created everything from branded promotional products for their suppliers to fully managed content and email marketing campaigns. Recently, we've also played a vital role in the company's ongoing commitment to being socially and environmentally friendly, creating branded water bottles to reduce the use of water coolers and disposable plastic cups.

We also created a new intranet, enabling employees to easily find important documents and contact details. This in itself has been able to facilitate more effective internal communication.




As branding experts, we were thrilled to learn of Shire Leasing's plans for entry into the education market. For these efforts, the business needed a brand identity that would both reflect the Shire values and communicate the ambitions of the service offering to the education market. 

So that's exactly what we created. Through constant communications between the client, our account management team and our creative team, we were able to effectively transform Shire Leasing's ideas into a brand that effectively represents everything that EducateIT stands for.

In addition to eshots and other collateral to support the EducateIT brand, we also have the creation of a dedicated EducateIT website in the pipeline.

Sh@re Magazine

Sh@re Magazine is a quarterly internal magazine we design and curate on behalf of Shire Leasing. Pulling together relevant information and news for all employees, the magazine is the perfect platform for showcasing the company's achievements of the last quarter.

Working with project management tools to effectively manage large volumes of creative collateral, research and copy, our creative and account management teams work closely with Shire Leasing's marketing to consistently deliver an end-result that is as informative as it is engaging.


The length of the website visit sessions increased 2.27 times (127%), the number of pageviews 1.85 times (85%) and the page users, 2.67 times (167%). Catalyst marketing solutions have also contributed to the 12% increase of Shire Leasing’s turnover and 4.2% increase of company’s net worth.
Its truly been a pleasure working with Catalyst. As well as shaping our marketing strategy, we’ve relied on Catalyst to create everything from automated marketing campaigns and e-shots, to printed magazines and branded stationery. And the results have always spoken for themselves.Whether through their quick turnaround of creative work, clear communication from account managers, or the sheer level of marketing expertise within the team, I can wholeheartedly recommend Catalyst. (Marketing Executive - Shire Leasing)