We delivered

By working as an extension to their established marketing team, Catalyst were able to accelerate their growth by focusing on specific campaigns that Shire Leasing wanted to do, but didn’t have the time to.

Shire Leasing had maintained the same visual identity for over a decade. Catalyst led a rebrand to bring their visuals and messaging up to date.


Increase in SEO visits


Reduced bounce rate


More social visits to website

The Problem

There’s only so many hours in the day. Catalyst allowed us to get more done, and to implement our strategy quicker than we otherwise could.

Shire Leasing needed more hands on deck, but didn’t necessarily want to expand their in-house marketing team any further. There were a few holes in their marketing strategy that needed filling, but not enough time to fill them. That’s where Catalyst came in.

Tools used

What we did

Catalyst work closely with Shire Leasing’s marketing team.

The first hurdle was proving to leadership that marketing works, and that the partnership was vital to the success and overall growth of the organisation. We worked closely with the team to establish proof points and explained exactly why a marketing renovation was necessary.


Our strategy covered ABM, SEO updates, automated email marketing and content. Catalyst report monthly on progress in catch-up sessions, and constantly monitor progress to explore and present new avenues to pursue.



With Catalyst’s support, Shire Leasing’s in-house marketing staff were able to focus on their core roles, delegating key tasks to us in order to spread the load. 

Our award-winning team at Catalyst help businesses to find success every day. Want to know how we can help? Book a call with one of our specialists today to talk through your unique needs.

At Catalyst, we help businesses find success every day. Want to know how we can help? Book a discovery call with us today to talk through your unique needs.


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