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Ecommerce Website


Pearcemayfield needed a website to reflect its position as a true expert. So we created a beautiful ecommerce website allowing visitors to book courses and purchase products online. Simply, conveniently and securely. 

A true master in their field, Pearcemayfield focus on providing a wide range of bespoke accredited training solutions to match organisations' ever-changing needs in today's business world.

From workshops to training courses, Pearcemayfield provide individuals and organisations with solutions built entirely around their unique challenges and needs.

The Challenge

As a company renowned for its knowledge in its field, Pearcemayfield needed a website that would reinforce it's position as an expert. More importantly though, the company needed the website to be both responsive for mobile and optimised for ecommerce to maximise online sales.

So we set out to create a responsive website where visitors could book courses and purchase products in the most convenient and secure way possible, from the comfort of their smartphones.


Our Methods

To accommodate Pearcemayfield's needs, we had to consider more than the visuals and frontend development: we had to incorporate a series of plugins and software tools into the backend. 

For instance, we used Administrate for effective course management, combining it with WooCommerce and SagePay. This considered combination of backend systems enabled our developers and design team to effectively bridge the gap between a beautifully designed website with a clear UX, and flawless functionality. 

Moving Forward

Building from the success of the website, we have some exciting projects in the pipeline. These plans include full marketing automation and HubSpot integration, and the creation of a range of printed collateral and branded stationary.

The Results

Never one to blow our own trumpets (that's the client's job), we'll let the website do the talking. And if that isn't enough, you can hear about the project's success straight from the horse's mouth:
With so many stakeholders involved in the project from start to finish, we were blown away by Catalyst's clear and frequent communication. It was important to us that the agency adopted an agile project management approach, and after working with Catalyst, I am confident that this is exactly what enabled them to deliver a clear and effective website that was universally well received by Pearcemayfield and our customers. It's been an absolute pleasure" (Digital Marketer, Pearcemayfield)