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Let Your Branding
Do the Heavy Lifting

Good branding never goes out of fashion

Like Clark Kent, your branding is your business' superhero - you'll never fully appreciate it


Your branding is a snapshot of you, it needs to be razor sharp

Your audience's first impressions are made within 0.05 seconds of seeing your brand.

When you walk into a party full of people you don’t know, you want to make a good first impression. Your branding is exactly the same. With the right combination of style, copy and design, a good brand will catapult your business into the minds of potential customers.

All positive change starts with a chat. Our team of designers, programmers and copywriters work with you to create the brand that your business deserves.

Nebula IT - Brand Evolution

Catalyst worked with Nebula IT to develop their already established brand even further. Visually, it was good, but it needed pulling together with a clear direction. The result? A visually captivating brand, bringing to life their personality and expertise.

nebula-inch iPad Pro
Nebula-IT-iPhone X-social post
Nebula-IT-social-channel-social post Copy

CEP - A Rebrand

CEP was a complete rebrand from SW Energy. Catalyst conducted a customer research and competitor review analysis which led to an overhaul on the proposition and brand. Transforming from a dated look-and-feel, to a modern identity that matches their expertise.

CEP-Company Post-linkedin

Utility Team - A Refresh

Utility Team approached Catalyst to help them build on their already established brand in order to sit head and shoulders above the competition. Catalyst developed a brand that brings together their services whilst resonating with their target audience.

UT Fake News


TouchTunes already had a vibrant brand in place, reflecting the fun and aesthetics their product brings with them.  Catalyst worked with TouchTunes to further develop the brand and proposition to build out key messaging that captures attention and stays front of mind.


Principles of a Good Proposition



A wordy proposition is like attending a wedding...

...where you don't know anyone. There's nothing worse than listening to someone you don't know rambling on about something that you don't understand (or care about!). 


A good proposition will be short, sharp & to the point; no fluff, just straight-talkin', gun-slingin' copy, even if you're not a cowboy. 

catalyst website graphics_hubspot 1


Keep it clear & honest

Your proposition should be forthcoming, showing that you understand potential customers' challenges and making clear that you know the best way forward. 


Keeping everything open will help potential leads to trust you before you've introduced yourself.

catalyst website graphics_hubspot_customer relationship


Keep yourself supple like a gymnast

Now, we're not saying you have to bend over backwards, but a good proposition will demonstrate your ability to adapt to anything your industry will (inevitably) throw at you. 

Your proposition should grow with your business. We'll make sure that it's always kept up to date & relevant to your current situation. Flexible in more ways than one!

Cat web graphics – How successful is PPC


Say it like you mean it!

Conviction is a powerful thing. Your proposition needs to be short & simple, but it's also got to be assertive. We'll make it clear that you're the best at what you do, while detailing all the wonderful reasons they should get in touch.

Cat web graphics – Have you got something worth shouting about

Principles of
good branding

Send out your spies

People rarely make good decisions when acting on impulse. While you might have an idea of what you want your brand to be, difficult decisions need to be made based on thorough research.

You’ll need to break down your position in the market compared to your competitors, identify your target audience (and what they like), and be honest about what your business actually is.

All of this research is laying the foundations for you to design your branding in the right way. If you wanted to build a house, you’d make sure you weren’t building on a swamp!

Let's get introspective

Now you understand what’s going on outside, it’s time to reflect on what’s inside.

Like a teenager reinventing themselves, you’ll need to define what you stand for. This isn’t necessarily public facing, but this definition is important so that everyone in your company understands the common goal that you’re all working towards.

This includes your brand values, mission statement, company vision and, like any good superhero, a brand backstory. Where are you now, what are you planning, and where do you want to be?

Putting your face on

Your brand isn’t just a nice logo and a fancy strapline (although these are important!), your branding should align with where you position yourself in the market – a sleek, modern logo for a high-end professional industry versus colourful, playful branding in a child-dominated industry, for example. 

A logo should be striking, but clear; your font should be distinct, but legible; your strapline should be clever, but relevant, and your colour palette should be attractive, but meaningful. It’s not easy to create the perfect mix, but it’s necessary to get your business noticed.

Showing off

Once you’ve got your brand nailed, it’s time to plaster it everywhere

Your website, social media platforms, business cards, ads, physical gifts, videos – anywhere you can think of. After putting the work into creating a great brand, it’s time for it to work for you.

Diamonds aren't forever

It’s important to assess how your brand’s performing and adjust it as time goes by. What might be perfect right now might not work in a year or two. 

Consistently measure your brand’s success, both internally and externally. Redefining your brand is an ongoing process; keeping up with it means that you’ll always have the best chance to retain your position in your sector.

New Guide
How to create a website that delivers leads
Purbeck Insurance Case Study Image
Case study

Purbeck Insurance Saw an Increase of 150% In Applications

Purbeck Insurance are personal guarantee experts who approached Catalyst to take their brand to the next level. Purbeck’s brand wasn’t working for them and they were struggling to attract the right kinds of leads. 

Catalyst helped to evolve the brand to embody their personality, stand out from the competition and more importantly, generate leads. Find the results delivered, how we did it and more details here.

They're straight talking, creative, know their stuff and are great fun to work with and, based on my experience so far, these are qualities they look for in the team they're building at Catalyst.

Dave Rainbow, Results agency

The last few weeks working with Catalyst have been a masterclass in witnessing how things should be done. I know I have a fantastic team working on helping us reach our business goals. The depth of their research and planning is second to none - one of our best decisions to date. Keep up the good work team Catalyst.

Andrew Bretherton, Skye Wellbeing

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