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Work Smarter- Lead Generation for improved Sales in 2022

Is your business’ lead generation strategy ready to go for 2022? As the world gets back to normal, we all need to make sure our marketing’s up to scratch.

February / Paul Houston
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Chloë Taylor Joins Catalyst

We are delighted to announce that Chloë Taylor has joined the team at Catalyst as Senior Account ...

30 January 20 / Sarah Groves
Blogs Lead Generation Lead Gen Tips Websites

Warning: Your Website Won't Generate Leads Without These 8 Features

Benjamin Franklin once famously said that there are two things certain in life: death and taxes.

14 January 20 / Doug Fairbrother

Uncertainty = opportunity

It seems you can’t even pop out to Pret these days without the uncertainty surrounding Brexit ...

5 December 19 / Doug Fairbrother
3 Minutes Blogs

Do it in December

For many businesses, December can feel like a lost cause.

27 November 19 / Doug Fairbrother
Marketing Automation

How Marketing Automation Can Help Drive More Leads and Deals

"Marketing automation helped me close a deal with a forecasted revenue of £2.5m"

20 November 19 / Doug Fairbrother

The 5 Most Powerful Google Chrome Plugins for Marketers in 2019

Today marks the 21st birthday of Google, which is now by far the most popular search engine on the ...

16 October 19 / Sam Jeeves
Lead Generation Lead Gen

The cost of doing nothing


15 October 19 / Paul Houston
Marketing Agency

5 ways to avoid getting burnt by your marketing agency (again)

Search for ‘marketing agency’ on Google and you will find 293m results. From back bedroom outfits ...

10 October 19 / Sarah Groves

The State of Email Marketing in 2019: 7 Stats You Need to Know

In the last few weeks and months, there have been some strange things going on which have made me ...

18 September 19 / Paul Houston

Everything You Need to Know About Digital Marketing Strategy

No matter what you sell and who you sell it to - whether you're B2B or B2C, you have a product or a ...

5 September 19 / Paul Houston
Lead Generation Lead Gen

Your Traditional Lead Generation Strategy Isn’t Enough. Here’s Why.

For decades now, the cornerstone of growth for most SMEs here in the UK has been a good ...

22 August 19 / Doug Fairbrother
3 Minutes Business Strategy Lead Gen Strategy SEO

8 Stats About Marketing Services that Will Blow Your Mind


5 August 19 / Sam Jeeves

We've Moved Our Birmingham-based Marketing Agency to The Assay Studios

We're very excited to announce that our Head Quarter agency offices in Birmingham have now moved ...

1 August 19 / Sarah Groves

Gary Vaynerchuk's Top 6 Tips on Digital Marketing Services

For a while now I've been watching a wild, entrepreneurial New York native online called Gary ...

29 July 19 / Sam Jeeves

The Importance of Front-of-mind Awareness (and How You Can Achieve it)

Did you know that the chances of winning the lottery are so slim that economists have lovingly ...

9 July 19 / Kyri Koni

The Science of Choice and Pricing: How to Make Prospects Choose You

4 July 19 / Olivia Murray
Lead Generation

4 Old-school Lead Generation Techniques That Still Work Today

It might seem a bit odd a digital marketing agency shouting about old-school lead generation ...

28 June 19 / Sam Jeeves
Business Strategy

3 Factors Influencing Business Growth and Development

Let’s not sugar coat it: business growth and development is difficult for almost every single ...

7 June 19 / Sam Jeeves

7 Steps to a Successful Website Redesign

It's fair to say that website design has come a long way since the days of Bill Gates seductively ...

5 June 19 / Ed Plant
Social Media

Social Media for SMEs: a Simple Guide

Marketers go where their audience is and most people today are active on social media in some way, ...

30 May 19 / Ruby Clarkson
Lead Generation

Where are the Leads? 5 Reasons You're Not Generating Leads

Did you know that on average, nearly 80% of leads don’t convert into sales? This means that just ...

28 May 19 / Kyri Koni
Business Strategy

The Ikea Effect: What is it & How to Use It in Your Business Strategy

While it might sound more like some sort of strange addiction to Scandinavian flatpack furniture ...

21 May 19 / Doug Fairbrother
Marketing Automation

3 Marketing Automation Strategies for Sustaining Success

Marketing automation started life way back in 1992, but wasn’t widely available until the mid 2000s ...

15 May 19 / Paul Houston

The Worst Marketing Campaigns of 2019. So far…

Although we’re only 4 months into 2019, I think we can all agree that already, we’ve seen some ...

27 April 19 / Sam Jeeves
Lead Generation

Must-have Tools for Sales and Marketing in 2019

It's often said that only a bad worker blames their tools, but in the world of business, this ...

23 April 19 / Maddie Davis
Lead Generation

6 Words and Phrases to Avoid at All Costs in Sales and Marketing

Trust building is a delicate subject when it comes to sales and marketing. Often, deals are won and ...

12 April 19 / Amrik Sahota
Lead Generation

8 Words and Phrases for Sales and Marketing Success

When you think about it, language is a pretty incredible tool. In any given situation, there’s ...

4 April 19 / Sam Jeeves
Lead Generation

5 Tiny Hacks to Give You HUGE Conversion Rates Today

B2B sales pipeline conversion rates are of course completely different to the conversion rates of ...

22 March 19 / Sam Jeeves
Lead Gen

Sales Objections: The Perfect Response to "Call me in a few months"

Frustrating, isn’t it? You know your product or service is a perfect fit for a prospect’s business. ...

13 March 19 / Paul Houston

We've Been Named Amongst The Top HubSpot Agencies in the UK

As an agency, we don't really tend to do awards.

5 March 19 / Sarah Groves