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How Marketing Automation Can Help Drive More Leads and Deals

Despite having been around for almost two decades now, marketing automation is still only used by a minority of UK companies and most definitely not used to its full capability. 
BY Doug Fairbrother - November 20, 2019

"Marketing automation helped me close a deal with a forecasted revenue of £2.5m"

What is Marketing Automation? 

Simply, marketing automation is technology at its best when being utilised for doing the manually intensive and somewhat unattractive tasks nobody likes doing. Marketing Automation has the ability to manage sales and marketing processes automatically and efficiently, in the background, enabling you to focus and spend more time on closing warmer leads.


Now I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty cool to me!


In this blog we will be talking about a LinkedIn Automation campaign we implemented for one of our clients. If you want to read more on the wider automation capabilities, then visit this article: 10 Insanely-Effective B2B Marketing Automation Campaigns.


Now, before you set the automation to go-live, it is vital that you have an effective targeting and messaging process, otherwise, your campaign will simply not work to its full potential. 

Targeting - 

Automation doesn't work when you just throw a load of mud to see what sticks. 


This is the key aspect of automation that business owners need to understand. You need to refine your audience to people/companies that you would sell too. 


Do not fill your list with thousands of potential prospects, each one requires time and attention in order to make them feel valued.


I think we would all agree that if we had the choice, we’d rather have 5 good leads than 20 bad ones, and this is exactly why we would advise you to trim down your targeting list and pick out prospects that have a good chance of converting. 

Messaging - 

Our messaging was aimed to start a conversation, not to sell. We can not stress this enough, otherwise you will be seen as just another person on LinkedIn filling their inbox with a sales pitch.  


Do not try to sell straight away!


Build a rapport with the recipient, for example, ask them if they’re having challenges within their industry to get leads into the business, or how they are generating their leads. You need to know if they’re facing the challenges that you can solve for them.


Next, offer advice, perhaps send a small piece of information or content in order to move the prospect down the sales funnel. 


If you put in the groundwork first with targeting and messaging, then automation can be one of your sales teams most powerful tools. 


Here are some of the results for one of our clients: 

  • Niche targeting of 345 UK based sales and managing directors
  • 200 connected (53% of the target-list)
  • 10 leads that are currently being worked
  • Lots of open conversation
  • Closed deal with a forecasted revenue of 2.5m

The value of just spending a little bit of time perfecting your targeting parameters is almost quite unbelievable. 

We managed to achieve these results in just 2 weeks. Now that’s pretty impressive, don’t you think?

If you’re considering trying marketing automation alongside your social campaigns then do not hesitate to get in touch via phone or email.

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