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Content Marketing & Manufacturing: The Facts You Need to Know

Facts and statistics about the state of content marketing for manufacturers.
BY Doug Fairbrother - September 20, 2016

Content marketing for B2B manufacturers may be on the rise, with 81% of companies stating they do some form of content marketing, however when it comes to the effectiveness of their strategy (if there is one), it’s looking pretty shady as only 18% have a documented strategy in place and to top it off only 12% say they are successful at tracking ROI.


Content with no strategy simply put is just "stuff". Without a clear defined strategy your content will never reach your target audience, goals or outcomes in the ways you want it to.  Strategy provides a clear plan on how to solve your audiences' challenges and pain points through your chosen content mix.

Research shows that B2B manufacturers see content marketing as a sticking point. Want to know more? Take a look at our fact sheet (instant download - no form to fill out) that reveals the maturity levels of content marketing for the manufacturing industry. The insight this provides will highlight the areas of weakness for your business and what needs to be done to improve. 

Content Marketing & Manufacturing - The Facts You Need to Know - Download Guide