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Britons Multi-Screen For Two Hours Every Day

Britons Multi-Screen For Two Hours Every Day
BY Doug Fairbrother - March 19, 2014

The advent of digital technology is being felt more than ever before, with screen devices becoming such an essential part of people's lives that many tend to access content across a number of screens on a daily basis, the latest AdReactions report from Millward Brown reveals.

Multitasking on the rise
The report says that Britons currently spend some two hours a day multi-screening. TV remains the main screen of choice, accounting for 36% of the time people spend viewing content on various screens; however, mobile devices are gaining traction as well. The peak time for multi-screen viewing is in the evening, with tablets coming second as the preferred screen of choice. This suggests that people are using numerous screens to multitask – performing a task on their tablets whilst watching a TV programme. Users sometimes even use a tablet to search for information regarding the programme they are watching on TV.


Opportunties for multiscreen marketing
Sources from Millward Brown commented that the growth in popularity of multi-screening implies that people now are viewing more content over shorter periods of time. The average time a multi-screening user spends viewing visual content every day totals just under seven hours of content within a five-hour period. This trend, Millward Brown says, gives marketers new opportunities to engage with their audiences by providing them with "synergistic multi-screen" initiatives, making the best of these emerging viewing habits amongst Britons.

Last year, research company eMarketer estimated the number of tablet users in the UK to be 19.7 million and predict this number to expand to 24.4 million in 2014. Next year, tablet users are expected to reach 28.1 million